RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 (rolling)

I forgot how much I disliked Thorgy. And her entrance look was :-1:

Her reads were pretty cringe too.


Vanessa Hudgens looked the best I’ve ever seen her. That outfit :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I thought Aja should have won the lip sync really, and this is coming from a Bendela fan! I like that they’ve brought Bebe back for more recent Drag Race fans. Her dancing was incredible, omg

Yeah I feel like Aja really was just unlucky that the lyrical content suited Dela’s schtick so well. The jump round into the splits during the lip sync had me gagging (as did the earlier one in the variety show). I WILL NEVER FAIL TO BE EXCITED BY A QUALITY JUMP SPLIT.

Episode 2:

RIGOR MORRIS. I actually feel bad for Thorgy, her Stevie Nicks was fine. The whole lipsync thing was a bit crap in general. It even made Trixie look boring. Loving Shangela this episode - boohoo fish.

Glad Malk has gone, so much better on the original season.

This is incredible television.

She wasn’t that deluded on her season, was she? I don’t remember her being so ridiculous.

Guys this is my first ever drag race and I’m really enjoying it. BenDeLaCreme is absolutey unstoppable.

Oh she defo wasn’t anywhere near as bad, she’s molded into Phi Phi and it’s a shame.

Was a good episode, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is ridiculously good looking.

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Really not a fan of Milk, Glad they went. Especially good because

Big fan of Bendela so far, but most of them are likeable/fun really.

Heard the conspiracy theory that BeBe is a plant and is being Ru’s informant? I wouldn’t understand that though - they’re literally being filmed :smiley:

Yeah it’s a GBOL aside from the ones who’ve left. I hope Chi Chi gets her confidence back. And Trixie!

Highlight of this week was Bendela getting out of the car and Kennedy as party queen, I watched with my mum and we were both howling

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didn’t finish this sentence :smiley:



Yes, I love this conspiracy and hope it’s true. Aja did not deserve to be in the bottom this episode, her runway was amazing. Really loving Aja as a dark horse tbh. Also this Paris is Burning-style devastation:



This episode was D.R.A.M.A from start to finish and I am


I… was not expecting that.


I’m really not enjoying Bebe being in the top 2 this week or last. No offense, but if Adam Lambert doesn’t have a sense of humour, it’s not Trixie’s fault.


[spolier] Oh I like Bebe but still don’t think she should be there as a winner.

It’s a shame Ben is so bad at articulating himself. If he’d said “This competition is toxic and I don’t want to part of it so I’m leaving on my own terms” that would have been kisses fingers As it is, even though I got it, it felt quite muddled. Also: Kennedy obviously should have gone.

Not that Bens gone I guess it’s Shangela’s to lose but would love if Trixie won.

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Just the four edits, I’m pissed.

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