Rupaul's Drag Race - season 9

It’s on Netflix weekly now so no more dodgy downloads.

Any thoughts?

I think they’ve edited the chub queen to look really awful, but man I still don’t like her. Mimi Imfurst pt II.

I like the queen that won the challenge! Probably too early to name any contenders though.

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sashays away


There’s a London-based queen on it; Charlie Hides. Have never actually seen her before, but I know she once did a blackfacey sort of act called Laquisha Jonz, which has been retired

Yeah the winner was excellent.

Kind of a weird episode though - Ru wasn’t in drag at all which felt weird and gaga was… boring?

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Gaga was sweet but really quite dull. She just name-dropped throughout the Gaga runway which, I sort of get she was asked to do but it wasn’t interesting to me.

And Ru wasn’t in drag because there can only be one queen on the panel - but if that was the case why didn’t Gaga dress up more?

AND, the Gaga costumes - no bubble dress? No meat dress? Seriously?!


This did me in

Who do we reckon the new queen is?

Someone dressed up their cat as Nina Bonina Brown


Might get on this then. Cheers

Jaymes Mansfield’s lip sync was almost criminally bad

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They were both terrible though tbf. Mansfield’s was just that little bit more dull (and then made the mistake of copying the drop which really showed up that they had absolutely no ideas)

Farrah to win though <3 (biased but still - def best)

Not sure if I’ve been Ru’d out. I’m not feeling this season at all yet. Maybe when then narrow it down a bit I’ll start to get into it, I guess it’s all padding until the Snatch Game anyway.

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I genuinely expected Ru to send them both home. A bad lipsync to a shit song is fair enough, but that was Love Shack in front of the B-52s!!! UNFORGIVABLE

How comes you’re biased towards Farrah? She is so pretty. I loved that she was a teenage emo pinup tho.

I think Nina is still my fave. Valentina definitely deserved her win though. Charlie’s look was stunning, and I really like Peppermint although I’m not so keen on her LQQKS. She should ditch the floor length coats.

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Valentina was great, though is irking me out of drag.

Agreed on the lip sync, both dreadful. Kimora Blac is coming across as Gia Gunn-lite. If you’re going to be that mouthy you need to at least back it up.

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We’re internet friends from before she was on RDR because we have irl friends in common. We were in some FB groups together and then she added me. She’s fucking hilarious as well (hopefully will get to meet when I’m in LA next week, but she’s super busy touring)

Either way I really hope she wins the whole thing.

There were some strong outfits, definitely think the right person won. Really wanted to like Kimora but already finding the attitude kind of exhausting.

Yeah, there’s something weird about this season that I’m not really enjoying, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what because I really like a lot of the contestants. Not keen that Cynthia is back

Valentina, Nina and Sasha are all excellent, and I’m a big fan of Peppermint, Farrah and Shea too. They will all go far I think.

Just watched the first 4 episodes. (Not seen seasons 7 and 8 as they weren’t on Netflix when I initially binged all the series available on there last year, so never seen Cynthia before - I like her when she’s being less forcedly kooky in the workroom. Unrelatedly, not having seen season 7 made it slightly awkward when I went to Christmas Queens last year as a VIP and got to meet Michelle and the queens performing; everyone else was pissing themselves with excitement about meeting Katya, including the friend I went with, whereas it was my first introduction to her so I was really awkward because I didn’t want to blag it only to further implicate myself as being unfamiliar with her.)

Eureka is a dick, especially in ep 4 with the eating disorder twattery. Don’t have a specific fave yet, although I like how mature Valentina is at dealing with shade considering how young/green she is, and how eloquent Sasha can be. This week’s LSFYL was the most one-sided thing ever… Charlie being like “I don’t lip sync” - uhhhhh, why did you apply for a show that will require you to lip sync at some point??? Not a fan of the editing so far. Why such a rushed runway?! Why no mini challenges?? Why so little Ru?? :frowning:

Peppermint’s lip syncs :heart_eyes_cat:
Valentina’s runway :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


I’ve binged on Untucked today, it’s made me appreciate them all so much more (especially Kimora, who was SO lovely on her lip sync episode)

Current top 3: Peppermint, Sasha, Valentina