start with Yes instead

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I’ve yet to listen to a full album of theirs but I love Limelight, Freewill, Spirt of the Radio and Red Barchetta - so I really need to get on it one day soon.

That happened to me too! Also got into Grateful Dead because the dad on My So-Called Life loved them.

I always think that of their early very prog stuff ‘Hemispheres’ is by far the most satisfying - more so than ‘2112’. ‘Permanent Waves’ is them scaling it back a bit but there’s still some progness in there. ‘Moving Pictures’ and ‘Signals’ are both just great, great albums.

It all starts to get very synth heavy with ‘Grace Under Pressure’, ‘Power Windows’ and ‘Hold Your Fire’ before they start to return to more ‘power trio’ stuff on ‘Presto’, ‘Roll the Bones’ and ‘Counterparts’. After that the law of diminishing returns sets in for a bit but both ‘Snakes and Arrows’ and ‘Clockwork Angels’ are fucking fantastic.

I fucking love Rush.

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Rush are such a silly, fun band. Ridiculous lyrics, incredible drumming and a clear joy for what they’re doing.

I have a lot of fondness for them but I’m not sure I could get into them at this point in my life. They strike me as the sort of band you need to be young and a little green to develop a relationship with, which is exactly what I was when I first experienced them.

@anon50098204 is probably right in his suggestion above but I also have love for Kid Gloves from Grace Under Pressure, and Red Barchetta, Limelight from Moving Pictures.

If ever there was a classic boy’s band…

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the crowd in this :smiley:


“Distant Early Warning” from Grace Under Pressure is probably my favourite Rush track.

Rush did the thing of combining metal and progressive influences, which was fairly new at the time. But if I hear Rush after listening to Porcupine Tree, Rush seem very one-dimensional by comparison.

good song

Fuck my old boots. :smiley:

Was going to post this, great video.