Russell Crowe - The Art of Divorce


On the day that would have been his 7th wedding anniversary, ol’ Russ is auctioning a whole bunch of his stuff under a southeby’s sale titled ‘the art of divorce’. with a fucking tremendous cover


He’s a right cunt

Or am I just getting him confused with Gibson?


What do we reckon he’s drinking there - an Old Fashioned or a Negroni?


can’t be an OF with a lemon


Grapefruit juice.


Could be orange peel that - it is light but reckon it might be orange peel


Saw this on Last Week Tonight the other day. Staggering.

Desperately want that Marlon Bundo book though.




Old Fashioned prob

OF - orange peel
Negroni - Slice of orange

apropos to nothing, ive been drinking a lot of Boulevardiers recently (negroni, but the gin is substituted for whisk(e)y) and they are top


We’re all chipping in for these yeah?

A brown leather boxer’s protector used in the film, Cinderella Man (2005)

Estimate $500 - $600


weirdly had one of these last night and loved it. never had one before!


Didn’t he throw a phone at someone in a rage once?


Crowe’s just a moody git who likes getting into fights, don’t think there’s any racism or domestic violence stuff or anti-Semitism like there is with Mel Gibson though


Yes - thirteen years ago now:


Cost him a second Oscar!


I agree.

Problem is it looks too orange to be an Old Fashioned. I am very angry with this modern penchant for making Old Fashioned’s too orangey.


maybe he has some tips for me.



Too much ice can dilute and make it look more orangey as well
Best OFs are made with a single (huge) ice cube imo


The cover reminds me of that picture of Michael Stich from the old boards.

Edit: this one


was hoping he’d done some paintings