Russell howard


£6 tickets to see Russell Howard doing doing a warm up for his tour?


He should be paying us


he’s so shit


He should be paying us


he’s so shit


I would like to be paid by him




he is not a good comedian and because of this i would expect some financial remuneration if i were to attend (which is unlikely)


will he be wearing glasses? Can’t be doing with that wandering eye


He was brilliant in Get Him to the Greek!!!


Always think that bar looks shit too


Apparently huge is my word of the day


He seems like a nice guy.
But so fucking shit.

Given the above, I think he should be paying us.


He’s mates with DiS favourite Daniel Kitson I believe.


My friend once sold him an xbox 360 controller whilst working in a Bristol branch of GAME. He said he was fine.


Is the £6 for me?


I can imagine him being the perfect gentleman in almost any video game accessory related transaction you would care to mention.


I hate the voices he does.


Part of the ‘Chocolate Milk Gang’ with Kitson and John Oliver from way back, innit?


I’m not a big fan of stand up comedy, hence if i was to go to his shows I would expect to be compensated in money to be exchanged for goods and services