Russian visas

Anyone had to fill one out in the recent past?

What a fucking palaver. I’m so confused and have a couple of questions. Got an actual headache from trying to remember some of the info they want (entry/exit dates from 6 years ago, date of employment started).

Really should have started this earlier :grimacing:

When are you going?

Obviously I’ve never done one of these but good luck with it.

I’ve done quite a lot of these for work. Don’t fret too much about the exact dates of all your travel/ emplyment. They wouldn’t even be able to check most of these even if they wanted to. However if you end up having to travel there again try and make your answers consistent with the last time.

Let me know if I can help. I’ve done about 8 of these in the last 4 or 5 years.

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Ps it is the worst form I have ever filled in but the brutal question about your parents always tickles me.

Did they die?
If ‘yes’: How?


Liked their first couple of EPs, lost interest after that


If those entry dates they want occurred on a previous passport, don’t worry. And even if it’s on your current passport they’re not gonna hold it against you if your dates aren’t exact. Same with employment dates.

And if you think a Russian visa application is a bugger to fill out, try filling out an Iranian visa application, and then being interviewed at the Iranian embassy, having lived in Israel😴

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Really not a fan of Russian visas - much more likely to make a mistake and have to fill it out again


Just did this in November as was in Moscow over Christmas.

Apart form the places you’ve been to (which information has already been provided), don’t worry if you’ve been to more places than the maximum of 10 that is allowed, just put 10 and that’s it.
The other pain is the previous passports information. If you put your current and if you can get the info of the previous one, great, if not, don’t fret, just make sure you have the passports cover the times you’ve put for being away.

When you go to give in the form and get the biometrics done at one of their sites, I was surprised at how quick it was. I was only there for about 30 minutes, including waiting time. Just make sure you have all the forms that they require.

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Is a good or bad thing to write “yes: victims of the capitalist machine”?

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This is the bit that’s doing my nut today. I don’t think I will be able to find the details for my previous passport (which expired 9 years ago) but it didn’t cover any visas or stamps in the previous 10 years so do you think I won’t need to include this information?

Good to know it only takes half an hour though. I was afraid I’d have to take a half day at work (if I was the very first person at the centre and it took half an hour I’d be at work at 10.30 at the absolute earliest :cold_sweat: ) but an hour to make up is totally doable.

I can’t even imagine :cold_sweat:

Is the Iranian visa that much of a headfuck? As long as WW3 doesn’t kick off I’d really like to go (albeit through a tour operator who will take care of some of it, I think)

caveat - obviously do worry a bit about anything you have passport stamps for. I meant any EU stuff where there are no stamps.

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Ah, so you’re on a passport that you’ve had for 9 years? If so, I would just enter the current one and in the list of places you’ve visited, just go back to the start of your current passport. If you have any visa’s in your passport, definitely include this in the 10 places you’ve been.

I went to the London one, so if you’re going to that, I’d probably schedule an hour, just to be safe with work.

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Yep, old passport expired in 2011. That’s fine - I had only listed the places I had stamps for (I think I’ve been to 43 countries in the last 10 years so it just wouldn’t work if I had to list all of them), no visas in the last decade. I’ve even included the novelty Liechtenstein stamp just to be safe!

Confession - we actually use a checking service to check our applications and then courier our passports back up to us from London - I just had a look to see if you might want to use it for peace of mine and it’s like 260 quid. So probably not.

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There is a checking service that I was going to use for £20 but it takes 2 weeks, and then the actual wait for the visa to be processed is 20 working days. We go to Russia in 7 weeks. Oops :grimacing:

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I don’t have any advice but the Indian visa process was an absolute nightmare, especially because I was a journalist at the time which required extra hoops to jump through. I now work near the building where you have to go for appointments and shudder every time I walk past.

7 weeks is easily enough time to get a visa.
Are you just going for tourist reasons? If so, you should get it back within 20 working days. If all is OK, then that is pretty much a definite.

It was my first time filling out a visa application and I managed to get it all done first time. I did use this website to help with the form

When you go to the office to give the form in, they will give you a receipt with your application process reference number on, don’t lose this or write it down somewhere else as well. You will need to keep an eye on the application process on their website. They will write a date down on the receipt when you should expect your passport back.

Make sure you have the tourist voucher as well, I think the numbers on this might be needed for the application form anyway.

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Cracking - thank you so much! This is really helpful (and a bit of a relief). I’m a massive catastrophiser so usually have everything booked well in advance but I’ve never really had to deal with a visa before so wasn’t prepared for it!