Ruth Bader Ginsburg RIP

The world is in a bit more trouble now.

uh oh

And that’s her own fault for not stepping aside when Obama could’ve kept her seat liberal for the foreseeable.


Will Trump now get three picks?

I don’t know how it all works, can The House Of Representatives block or delay Trump’s pick?

General rule of thumb is to imagine the worst course of events, then expect that as a best-case scenario


presumably the ‘no nominating anyone for the Supreme Court the year of an election’ rule from last time will apply again, right?

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That’s the worry. Republicans fight dirty. McConnell is consulting his loophole lawyers already.

Trump gets to nominate. A senate majority (which the GOP have) will see it pass.

There is chat that a couple of Republicans will not vote until after the election. Although, let’s be honest, that’s so unlikely given the bile they’d receive.

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sorry just conjecture really.

Anyone seen the RBG documentary?

I liked it and liked her even more after it. But obviously I’m biased.

A great all-round person and a sad loss.

The whole way system is absolutely crazy though. I had absolutely no idea she was still serving, it’s an absolutely ludicrous setup.


Sad news. What a life she lived.

Absolutely nuts, surely, that anybody is allowed to carry on past a certain age. They’re not the Pope. Not saying I’d want to be the one to set the number, but surely your health is a crap-shoot after a certain point and with so much at stake…easy to say now, I know. But this is the real reason anybody with a progressive bone in their body feared a Trump win in 2016, let alone now.


I for one am confident the Dems will do everything in their power to stop this

Incredibly surreal video, no one should ever try and do surrealism again

Could someone please explain to me what the impact of this will be on the election?

Pretty much all the Americans on my twitter timeline are devastated - not just for the passing itself but in how this can be a massive benefit to Trump.

Edit: I know I could dig into this myself but it’s 07:43 and I just don’t have the brain cells rn

Like any analysis of Trump it is baffling and nonsense. The analysis is that somehow appointing to the supreme court is an achievement of Trumps as though he somehow had done something to achieve it.

I guess the theory is that there is a mass of Republicans who are willing to ignore absolutely everything Trump says and does on the basis of it achieving an ultra right wing judiciary so abortion can be banned and so on. The ends justify the means.

Find it doubtful personally that anyone who was considering not voting Trump would now decide they will vote for him because they somehow consider this such an achievement. They would all be voting for him anyway, it’s just self justification for the hypocrisy.

More than any impact on the coming election, isn’t it more that a third Trump pick, would give the ultra conservatives a Supreme Court majority (there are three Democratic picks now, plus one relatively bipartisan Bush pick, right? ) meaning they could force through and row back on all sorts of vital stuff for years/decades beyond Trump?

Might be wrong.


Someone who knows more can probably give a better answer, but I think the worry is less the election, more the fact that a Trump-backed replacement would pull the Supreme Court way to the right (his other picks have been Republicans replacing Republicans). This would also last for potentially decades if nobody else dies/resigns. So it’s potentially a pretty long-lasting and potentially devastating footprint.

Current potential replacements include Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton who, when added to the list last week, said ‘ It’s time for Roe v Wade to go’.

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