Ruthless Efficiency Thread

Boast about your ruthless efficiency, in this thread.

Talk in awed terms about ruthless efficiency you’ve seen from others, in this thread.

Confess your pathetic lack of ruthless efficiency…etc.

I’ve got inbox zero on Gmail. Cower puny mortals.

I don’t understand people who don’t keep their inboxes clear.


I strictly maintain inbox zero on all my email accounts. I view anyone who doesn’t as having weak moral fibre.



Double ooft.

It’s weak moral fibre,@_Em.



Also, if you’re generally ruthessly efficient, it gives you way more time for carefree loafing.

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Wrong and terrible. Straight to jail, don’t pass go.

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theres more to life than a clear inbox #yolo

Think again.

No fucks given.

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Is zero inbox about having nothing at all in your inbox, or just reading everything?

With my personal Gmail, I’ve read everything. No point archiving it all though as the search function works perfectly to find anything.

Having read everything, and deleting anything unimportant, so only the useful stuff is left.

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ITT: people using email wrong.

You’re just making life more difficult for yourselves.

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How will you know what might prove to be important? I delete all spammy stuff, social media notifications, etc. Like I say, the search function makes finding anything easy. Haven’t even used half in inbox in a decade of having it. It’s fine.

My old boss was ridiculously ruthlessly efficient. I think it’s part of the reason we never worked well together.

Also because she’s a total gendered swear word I don’t like to use to describe women.

Items: 9,285
Unread: 2,247
Fucks given: 0

I used to think you were cool.

Well all the stuff that’s not spam/notifications and might need future reference.