Ry Cooder appreciation thread

His new album is out soon and streaming on NPR

It is good! Also he’s a legendary dude and has so many classic records. Everyone on DiS loves Cooder right?

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Came in to post basically this - some great soundtrack stuff out there but don’t know his actual own stuff at all. My favourite…

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The Paris, Texas soundtrack is just so so fucking good.

It’s got a bit of the same twang to it. His sung stuff is a bit like a rootsier Randy Newman. A lot of the time he does covers/interpretations of trad stuff. Usually has an instrumental or two on each album. And then his recordings are always immaculate because he’s an incredible guitarist and has great bands.

Here’s an early one

this from an album where he got reeeally smooth

then he’s done lots of cool fusion collabs, like he helped set up everyone’s favourite dinner party music, Buena Vista Social Club. Also made a record with Ali Farka Toure. And I recently got this great mambo album he made with some mambo man

And this is him rocking his new stuff

yeah I really like him. his soundtrack stuff, his 70s albums. never really got into his more modern stuff where he actually writes his own stuff for some reasons

plus he was a member of the magic band, which is good


Pretty much got brought up on his music due to my dad being a massive fan. Just got front-row seats to his Glasgow gig in October. Can’t wait.

aaah so lucky. Yeah me and my school pals got into him because several of our dads were fans. It’s dad music of the best kind.

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If you can find it I highly recommend downloading the Cambridge Folk Festival bootleg. Just him and a guitar. It’s top stuff. :+1:

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have loved pretty much everything ive heard of his. paradise & lunch was the first album i heard of his and have only jumped around his catalog otherwise. really need to spend more time diving deeper. any recs on top three albums to check out?

Love him for being on the first Beefheart album and for Crossroads, can’t say I’ve heard much more than that but that’s enough. Really should check out more

i’ve only really listened to his early era stuff, and paradise and lunch might be the best of it, but the first three albums are all fairly similar to it and also really good. all chock full of choons.

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will start from the beginning then!

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Been listening to this lad a lot recently. Good stuff.

Anything in particular or “The Best Of Ryan Cooder”?

I somehow forgot to add him to my ‘Gigs of the year’ list. He’s not too bad on the ol’ geetar, is Ry.