Ryan Adams 2019


Or, if there’s three of them, at least one of them will be great. It worked 15 years ago!


the fact that he’s been all over the place in the last year or so might actually bode well for them, as terrible as it sounds he seems to make his best stuff when he’s completely fucked up


I thought he was clean now? This Tweet suggests so. Well, at least a start anyway…


aye i think he is, he seemed to be in a bad way last year judging from his twitter profile anyway, slagging off julian casablancas, his ex-wife etc


Ah yeah, I remember now.


Also his brother died in the middle of the last cycle and that seems to have understandably hit hard.


god i fucking love over the top country ryan


Remember seeing him preview loads of Easy Tiger stuff at Bush Hall at this properly chaotic semi solo show. A great time to be a fan.

Blue Hotel is still my fav from this era, sadly relegated to an offcuts record


if we’re talking rarities i’ve always loved this


This reappeared somewhere later under a different title but I’ve always preferred this version

A massive shame the full Demolition boxset never came out. I know it’s all out there but it’d be lovely to have proper versions of this stuff.


aye it’s the same with a lot of the suicide handbook stuff, this is great too


Some lovely stuff here. My favourite two records of his are the unreleased Suicide Handbook and 48 Hours. Think he would have done himself some almighty favours to officially release either with v little varnish.

I wore Handbook the fuck out while going through a hard time a few years ago - and it caught me in a way that even Heartbreaker couldn’t quite.

My listening habits have moved on a lot since but I’ll always love the man and his work.


I know it is de rugueur to only like Ryan’s unreleased records, but c’mon everyone.


i fucking love gold, heartbreaker and love is hell, the rest not so much


From what I gather he fell off the wagon (whatever wagon that maybe) but is now back on it.

but hey he’s been going through it a bit lately… divorce, death of a close family member.


For today, from the “proper” albums, I’m going with:

Rock n Roll
Jacksonville City Nights
Cold Roses
Ryan Adams
Easy Tiger
Ashes and Fire


Assuming this is going from best to worst, then I salute your bold and correct choice for best.


hard to work out

rock n roll - bottom - fine

cold roses - 3rd worst? hmmm

ashes and fire - second best?


@jimmyhuntspill what was your order??


If I’m right in thinking that he’s putting Rock N Roll top, then it’s an instant petitions.gov to get the man a knighthood from me, Clive.


haha certainly a ballsy choice.