Ryan Adams 2019

Guessing and hoping they’re putting together a case on him.

Leaving a gig in LA a few weeks back

Was that the one the Daily Mail had. I saw on the wretched DRA board that they reckon that was an old photo.

Yeah, it’s where the photo I just posted was taken from.

I find that the hardcores on the boards and FB groups are taking cognnitive dissonance to the extreme, so I’m not sure how much stock to put into that tbh. I think I’d trust the Daily Mail before I’d listen to some of those people…


Very good point. Man, they are a weird bunch over there.

I did a Twitter search for him off the back of @jimmyhuntspill’s post here and there’s some horrific stuff being said in his name. I’d put it down to the same kind of thing as those Michael Jackson fans who refuse to accept he ever did anything dodgy - there’s enough out there to maintain a healthy scepticism over anything you see it seems.

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Downright horrendous, some of them, I’d argue.

I was planning to hang around for a bit to witness the fallout but I just couldn’t hack it.

Yeah, Demented Early 90s Michael Jackson Superfan is a pretty good comparison. It’s so bizarre.

Yeah I have dipped in two or three times since the story broke to see if there was any news, but its just dreadful there.

Lmao true