Ryan Adams 2019


I do think that Rock N Roll is unfairly maligned in a lot of quarters, but it IS a strange choice as the Best Of Ryan.


Cold Roses is his best imo


Yep, best at top, down to “worst” (which I still like).


I thought I was alone. Welcome, brother.


Wonderful to find another.


now your bizarre “proper” albums patter make sense…


ftfy / pcbe


Not sure I am counting Orion, as it is under a different name. I also take exception to it being called his metal album, when it is clearly fizzy punk.

Thank you.


It’s under his name, innit?

I love it for how dopey it is. Clearly had a ball making it.


What about “III/IV”? Why is that not in your list?


And 1984

Can understand why 1989 is left out.


Is that not a compilation of outtakes?

Bloody love it, would feature highly.


Dunno what 1984 is.


Nobody has ever listened to it all the way through. Not even Ryan.


Actually I don’t know. I’ve never actually listened to it. Wiki suggests it’s an album proper. But if it is outtakes, file alongside Demolition, I guess.

I guess I would have classed this an album, due to the number of tracks, but the brevity of it suggests that EP is probably fairer.


My favorite Ryan Adams album changes with the wind. Last time I had a good binge 29 and Love is Hell were rising to the top.

I always look at Rock n Roll as a bit of a tangent. A stand alone album. Which I love as it was one of the first Adams albums that really clicked.


Yeah part of the appeal is that was the album he was touring the first time I saw him. But I also like the back story, and how utterly arrogant it is to right a load of songs that deliberately rip other people off, and it still be really good.


Precisely why I love Rock N Roll above all others.


It has at least three corkers on it…‘So Alive’, ‘Burning Photographs’ & ‘Anybody Wanna Take Me Home’


Yeah he did it really well.