Ryan Adams 2019


I love Rock N Roll too. And 1984. And 1989 for that matter. @ me all you want


Did ‘Rock N Roll’ & ‘Love is Hell’ Part 1 come out on the same day? I seem to have a memory of buying them both on the same day (from MVC…if anyone remembers them).


Yeah, yeah. These are all BANGERS. Like I say, I think it’s unfairly maligned. Was just surprised that it is anyone’s favourite.


Yeah, i agree with you. It is OK album with a few standout songs on it, but i would also be surprised if it is anyone’s favourite.


No, about 6 months apart tho


I just checked it…it was 1 week apart apparently. The full ‘Love is Hell’ album was released as 1 CD 6 months later.


Oh yeah! it was a 2 part EP at first then put together as an album. I forgot about that.


The ‘Love Is Hell’ EP’s have two bonus tracks on each CD which are pretty good. Especially ‘Halloween’ & ‘Fuck The Universe’.


I rarely listen to Love Is Hell, purely because of the Wonderwall cover. I hate Oasis with such a passion that I don’t even want to accidentally hear covers of their songs.


i never owned Rock N Roll so didn’t know Anybody Wanna Take Me Home was on it - is it the same version as Love Is Hell? one of his best ever tracks imo


No, slightly different version. The one on ‘Love Is Hell’ sounds like a different mix with a bit more reverb on it and it has a longer intro. Not much difference, although i prefer the ‘Love is Hell’ version. It is listed as an ‘additional bonus track’ only on the full ‘Love is Hell’ album, although it is track 4.


Sorry, i just realised you hadn’t heard the ‘Rock N Roll’ version and i was describing the ‘Love is Hell version’.


I think I have a really dodgy download of both ep’s.


‘Easy Tiger’, ‘Cardinology’ and ‘Ashes and Fire’ are 3 gems in a row right after ‘Love is Hell’ and are all essential listening, imho. I’m a sucker for the dark melancholy Adams. His set that he put out ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ a few years back is a gem of a live recording as well. All in all, he doesn’t really have a shit record in his whole repertoire. They are all pretty balanced and enjoyable, with some exceptional standouts. An artist who I will always listen to when he comes out with new stuff until the day I die.


is “Fuck the Rain” a @Juke cover?!


i also think the s/t gets a tough wrap. personally, i love it. tight and succinct and ambitious in a way, but never does it not sound like RA. lovely record.


Why can’t I edit that horrible right/write mess up? I have a cold, forgive me.


No love is hell?


I think love is he’ll, should quality as a proper album.


If I was Ryan’s PR team. I’d release Big Colors. Then never release Wednesdays even though the cover and tracklist is out. Say something along the lines of " I was too fucked up when I wrote this and it’s too hard for to play these songs". Then boom you’ve got yourself another one of his great lost albums , that everyone talks about. Let the legned grow , then years down the line when you need it, you have it up your sleeve.
Basically what he’s down with Blackhole. I wonder if that will be the third of the three, as there has been no talk of the third yet.