Ryan Adams 2019



I posted that last night…:cry:


this is fine. not particularly excited by it.






Another song has been released… Manchester

I don’t know if you can replay the show on this website… I was sent a mp3 of it. I’m sure it will be on Soundcloud soon.


Now this is more like it. Quite Love Is Hell, this one…




This is great! More of this please Ryan


Yeah, that’s lovely.


Really want to head this in good quality


Hammered ‘Manchester’ all weekend. It’s up there with the title track from Prisoner as one of my favourite things he’s released since the 00s.


Love it so much - wondering why no official release yet? And is this album really not coming until April? RYAN!


This could actually be my favourite RA record, I love wallowing around in it and it sounds incredible


This appears to have been taken down before i could listen to it!


First single on Wednesday


I desperately already want to slot at least two of these albums into my end of year top 5 list. Cmon Ryan you can do it!


Limited edition of Big Colours up for preorder.
Splatter coloured vinyl and 7^
1000 copies.


Splattered sold old. 40 quid!


Still showing as available for me. Beats flipper prices. Remember buying the live after deaf box for 150 or so and I’ve seen that go for a grand since :man_shrugging: