Ryanair flash sale for most of Europe



til midnight, yo.


alright, HotUKDeals


Alright yourself :wink:


Bah, I’m supposed to be saving money but Basel vs Young Boys next weekend for under £100 all-in looks annoyingly feasible…


sex tourism joke


Don’t understand how people who don’t drink alcohol don’t have money out the tuchus.


Nor do I!


Live within your means. If you gave up alcohol you’d have money but if you’re never spending it you don’t see the saving. I’ve never smoked so I can’t really conceive how I’d accommodate that habit, for example.


Alright Theresa May


Theo’s right in fairness, it’s more like I cannot believe how people can afford to spend money on alcohol rather than me finding myself with money to burn (money to Bern :wink: )


ahhhh dont tempt me! but yay climate change!


To put it in perspective I spend less than ten pounds a week on food


That’ll do it! (my equivalent alcohol money probably goes on paying for lunch every day like a complete fucking moron)


already been abroad four times this year… going to Turkey in July and who knows where else too. should probably stop being like this.


with cash?


Contactless (contact made however)


difficult not to always have it as an itch to scratch when it’s affordable tho. i keep looking at the idea of long weekends and scolding myself


Shit airline for shit people.
No thanks.


I will let them know. Apologies.


They already know. That’s how they market themselves.