Ryanair flash sale for most of Europe


The apology stands but i will no longer be writing to them.


If it helps, it’s a great little stadium.


It’s definitely a stadium that’s “on-my-list” :thumbsup:


WITHOUT THINKING: what are your top 3 stadiums to visit, Ant?

asking for a friend


such a ballache to get to stansted though isn’t it


Flights to/from/to/from Girona-Bournemouth sorted in advance for family. Lovely tip off, cheers.




Alright The Knack.


Of ones I haven’t done:

Maracanã, Azteca and Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux

Fixtures (more important):
Dortmund vs Bayern
Boca vs River Plate
Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray




Depends where you live don’t it.

There are other airports…


just booked four days to Berlin in May - cheers @xylo!


I shall bill you for the difference to what you would have paid, wonderful


This has rekindled my idea about going somewhere (really keen on Madrid) on my tod for a few days in June. Have just spaffed a load on a holiday in May though and reckon my wife would hit the roof if I go away somewhere without her :smiley:

Those flights (from Brum to Madrid, at least) are the same price they’ve been for months, anyway. You’re all being done by Michael O’Leary here…


no i swear i’m not scamming you guys here


i mean i swear he is not scamming people here. He.


I’ve been to two of those. Obviously.


One of the litany of ways in which I look up to you Hoogs


bah literally just booked flights to london on easyjet. what does £9.99 equate to roughly in real price? ah well once I got to london from stanstead it probably wouldn’t be any more value any way.


I don’t understand this question