Ryanair making enemies of small wheelie suitcase – something we can all support them with

Small wheelie suitcases are the work of the devil

I for one welcome our new capitalist overlords

Don’t pack it if you can’t carry it


shit. major conflict here.

I hate ryanair with every fibre of my being but also hate wheelie suitcases.



Edit: I have to fly with my bike helmet again soon. Uh oh.


They should just make it so you can only have one bag instead of two


I hate EVERYONE ELSE’S wheelie suitcase. The entitled ninnies.

Mine is fine though, I have just packed sensibly.


I’m not too sure that wheelies are themselves the problem, it’s more just travelling public, or the public indeed.


Actually, I’ve just read the article. People are just going to pay the £5 aren’t they?


If you’re not sure if you are a member of the public, feel free to ask under here and we shall all judge.

The problem is that even if that is the case (geddit), there aren’t enough over-head bin spaces for everyone to take 1 bag which doesn’t fit under the seat.

I think the proposal is good, pay more to have the ability to use the overhead bin for your bigger case, otherwise you can only take on a laptop bag/handbag which goes under the seat in front, and need to check in their wheelie case.

No suitcases should be allowed on. It’s a load of bollocks. One small bag per passenger for stuff you might actually need on the plane, then just wait a fucking bit.


Couldn’t you just strap it to your arm or something?

I think that they also shouldn’t need to make you put a bag under the seat in front of you. Just put it anywhere it its like in a car innit.

It’s okay, it was Easyjet who made us wear them. It’s Ryanair this time.

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I have very thin wrists, I need my wheelie suitcase, I’m very considerate with it! THIS IS BULLSHIT.

this is about taking them on the plane as hand luggage. (I presume - not READ it)

Why do people hate wheelie suitcases? (Haven’t read the article)

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been smacked in the head with wheelie suitcases many times by bozos trying to cram them into the overhead bins and dropping them. urgh.

they take up loads of room. they’re slow. they hit me in the head.

Sorry about that. We’re just very important and we don’t have time to wait around a carousel with the plebs.


Haha, yeah, I skim read it. I don’t like checking my bag in so I always take my wheelie bag on as hand luggage. Grumblegrumble.