Ryder Cup 2021

The Ryder Cup is starting on 24th September. It’s the absolute best event in more or less any sport and it is nearly here. We had the Solheim Cup a few weeks back and that was excellent, the Europeans handed it to the US on their own turf and it’s time for our brave European boys to follow suit.

The American team is stacked, as it always is. For the first time in 30 years (!) there’s no Woods and no Mickelson, not that either had especially great records but it does feel a bit like the end of an era. Although I wouldn’t put it past them being back next time somehow. There’s also no room in Steve Stricker’s wildcards for prize berk Patrick Reed who’s omission is down to suffering from ill health and being really unpopular, probably.

Fans of simmering in-house US tension needn’t worry though, there’s still Koepka and Dechambeau who absolutely hate each other. I’m secretly hoping that Stricker tries to defuse that one by putting them in a pair and hoping they work it out because it could be armageddon. I think DeChambeau is made for Ryder Cup golf, literally anything could happen. Overall it looks very much like your standard “bumble awkwardly through the four-handed stuff, smash the singles” US team.

Collin Morikawa Automatic qualifier
Dustin Johnson Automatic qualifier
Bryson DeChambeau Automatic qualifier
Brooks Koepka Automatic qualifier
Justin Thomas Automatic qualifier
Patrick Cantlay Automatic qualifier
Daniel Berger Captain pick
Harris English Captain pick
Tony Finau Captain pick
Xander Schauffele Captain pick
Scottie Scheffler Captain pick
Jordan Spieth Captain pick

Obviously we’re all pals over here in Europe so no similar worries. The Euro team will be completed this evening and there’s still 5 spots up for grabs. Rahm, McIlroy, Fleetwood, Hatton, Casey, Hovland and Fitzpatrick are in, or as good as in. The two final qualifying spots will go to two of Lowry, Wiesberger, Westwood or Rose, probably the first two. There’s plenty of candidates for the three wildcards though. You’d think that Poulter and Garcia are shoe-ins, which would perhaps leave it as a srtaight up battle between Westwood and Rose. As I type Westwood is absolutely hacking round the course which isn’t helping his chances.

Europe will be underdogs in the states but that’s how we like it. I don’t know a lot about Wiesberger but otherwise it looks like a properly GBOL. Got a feeling that Hovland is going to be the breakout star, feels like the sort of game and temperament that will thrive in the team evironment. Can’t wait!


Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Fleetwood
Moli Moli Moli Moli Moli Moli Moli Molinari

Not watched any golf in a while but the Ryder Cup is always a blast so will definitely be tuning in

One of my favorite sporting events. Won’t miss a second that I can. Really like this USA team under Stricker. Should be a force to be reckoned with on the greens.

Also, think a lot of the Koepka Dechambeau fued is strictly media based. Yeah there may be some dislike but the PGA Tour also introduced a 40 million dollar bonus pool incentive to golfers this year, with top payouts going for boost in publicity. Koepka has outrighted stated that it’s good for bringing publicity to golf. Think they are playing with the media’s heads a bit. I’d pair them together day one.

Canny wait for the ryder cup. the US look very strong and i think Dechambeau is made for the ryder cup. still think our boys look good as well.
will post more soon.

in summary though i fucking love the ryder cup.

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Looking forward to this however I think American Ryder cup spectators might be the worst humans on the planet? Struggling to think of anything more irritating.

So I’m particularly worried about a probable european defeat when there will be next to zero fans there

Sorry Neil.

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almost as bad as rangers fans. :weary: :laughing: :wink:

Irishman Shane Lowry crumbled down the stretch and missed out on automatic qualification but luckily Irishman Padraig Harrington was able to find a wildcard for him. Probably fair enough. Lowry’s demise meant Westwood squeaked in and Sergio and Poults inevitably got the other two spots. Rose missed out which is quite a big call, but we do have 6 Englishmen already in the team so that might have played into it.

I am already pre-emptively grinding my gears about the first chants of U-S-A! U-S-A! Do the US feel the same way about that Ole Ole Ole Ole chant @NeilYoung ? That must be pretty annoying too.


Tbf i do really really hate it when they shout

Yyyoooouuuuuuuurrrrrruuuuuppppppp as well

Bubba booey! Mashed potato! Golf fans, man, Jesus Christ.


i have never understood this

I don’t think there’s anything more to it than one loud dickhead told his mates to listen out for him on the TV shouting “Mashed potato” and several hundred other loud dickheads couldn’t believe the unrestrained brilliance of it and went full “monkey see monkey do”.

The Augusta National team have made many regrettable choices down the years but immediately turfing out these arsewits is a great shout.

Understatement of the decade.


Fucking love me some Ryder Cup action.

Time to dig out the old Medina clips. :blush:

Nah we don’t care about the ole ole chants. We just love annoying other people. :laughing:

Big fan of the time zone on this , looks like it will be starting early afternoon our time and continue into the evening.

Saturday and Sunday night viewing sorted!

Looks like there are decent nowtv offers about too if people want. Can sign up to those and cancel before the price hikes

Can’t bloody wait for this! A bit terrified of that USA team though. Just incredibly stacked. Hope Bryson and Brooks get paired up and have a literal fight on one of the greens (and that Brooks wins)

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Can someone talk to me about cheeseheads?


The only hope for Europe imo is if their experienced players really really perform, and the Americans suffer a bit with their relative lack of RC experience and weight-of-a-nation pressure stuff.

Someone like Morikawa for example you could imagine getting either 0 points or nailing 5 out of 5. (Chances are he’ll be somewhere in the middle though obvs).

The course looks absolutely mad btw. Not enough bunkers for my liking.

(Not sure where fans are supposed to stand on most holes!)

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