Ryder Cup 2023

The ryder cup is upon us, absolutely love the ryder cup.
Yanks looking strong as always but maybe not as strong as i thought they might after they destroyed us in 2021.
Good mix of players in the european set up, surprised Meronk didn’t get the nod as he’s been playing great the past year. That being said i get why Donald chose the people he did.

Canny wait to send all weekend watching. :slight_smile:

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If it’s half as good and exciting as the Solheim Cup last weekend then it’ll be brilliant!

Not got Sky so it’ll be the 1.5 hours of BBC highlights per night for me.

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Thee few days of the year I’m happy to put my thoughts on golf and golfers aside. Cracking entertainment ain’t it.


Can’t think of many sporting events that are as good. Such great drama.

Must say this appears to have snuck up a bit this year.

Its a deeply meh set of fixtures in the RWC this weekend so this is quite welcome.

Horrendous coverage times here in the states. Will have to avoid the internet for any updates basically.

Has to sting a bit here for the Poulter’s and the Westwood’s of Team Europe making that leap to LIV, knowing this day would eventually come where you wouldn’t be in no?

Obviously fine sitting in their mansions watching, but think Poulter most upset. That man is FEARED by Americans when it comes to this event.

yeah terrible time to be in new york for the weekend ha

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Poulter being a big Ryder Cup player was true in that 2008-2012 period, but not really borne out since then (1 point in 2014, 2 points in 2018, 1 in 2021)

Somehow haven’t ever seen a Ryder Cup despite always enjoying the majors whenever I’ve caught them.

I note the vice-captains are older guys, do they get involved in the play or are they just there as figureheads?

Vice captains don’t play, just the captains guys round the course as the various matches are playing.


Good start so far


Really annoying they do the foursomes early and on Friday when I can’t watch, it’s the best format!

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Yeah I’m gonna be late for work :grinning:

Up in all 4 and i can’t watch because of meetings.

Loving the Hovland/aberg pairing



Some pressure onto those last two pairings now to make sure they dont let it slip.

After this start even 3 1 might feel like a boost for the Americans.

McIlroy off the tee there, oh yes


yes Tommy!

What a morning

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