S A T _ _ D A Y

Also think I’ve found a cure for my insomnia.

It’s…Rebekah Vardy’s account vaoprub on the chest

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Going to London to see some friends with whom we are going to Kew gardens to look at all the gardeners. Then hopefully off to waterloo for DiS meat 2020.


I thought my first poll of the polling day should be a toughy.

Why not both?

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Update: she just rediscovered the crumpet


It’s simply not possible. Choices must be made to explain that gnome’s behaviour.

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Say hi to BB-Q-2


Sounds worthwhile, but i won’t know for certain until mid afternoon. Thankfully forbour pockets, our friends get to take two friends for free, i think, and today, assuming my thoughts are correct, we are thos every friends.

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How angry would you be if you got there and they changed to a pink screen because a bandmate wants to wear a green jumper?


Up, tea and peanut butter muffin eaten.
Going to Bournemouth as v wants to play on the arcade and eat chips as his birthday outing.

Should probably have a shower.


Feel like i might be flip flopping on this all day

Washed up, hoovered and fed and watered. Will be heading to work in a while. Boooooo

GF is sleeping like a log, which is good as she needs the rest.

Might go into town for an afternoon EP launch, meet my best mate as it’s his birthday, then back home to get takeaway with my GF.

Do any of you have clothes that always seem to be dirty? Just put on a hoodie that I thought was clean but no, it’s not clean. Need to put it in the wash, not the wardrobe!

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Didn’t know this

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Little bit groggy after last night. Supposed to be meeting some pals in Oxford but think I’m going to watch Coyote Ugly instead.

Did you pancake??

  • Why isn’t the oven on yet?
  • I think the sourdough croissants might have overproved
  • Actually i think you’ll find a local hero has turned the oven on.
  • Do the laundry
  • Under no circumstances should any laundry be done today, if it can be avoided
  • It can very much be avoided
  • I’m not voting in your poll

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I did not pancake :frowning:

It does seem way longer than a week. It’s been a very long week at work.

Esst Croydon will be busy later as Palace are at home, so ideally avoid between 1 and 230. I’m not sure if I can be bothered going myself.