**s a t u r d a y**


IT’S SATURDAY! YAS! *multiple exploding fist bumps*

So, whatcha got planned today? Tell me all the info from your Friday nights! I’M ESPECIALLY LOOKING AT YOU LME LOT :wink: I want all the gory details.

My Friday night… totally uneventful, but luckily I’ve got a day ahead jam packed with drinking and boozing and general mad shenanigans because I’m going on a hen do! … ah wait, sorry, I forgot I’m going to the tamest hen do on the planet. I’m guessing you’ve all got a few interesting hen do/stag do stories in the recesses of your dark, cobwebby minds. Feel free to further highlight just how sedate my day ahead is is by telling me aaalll about them.

Lots of :heart: :heart_decoration:
Your resident Witch.


Morning witches. Feeling a bit rough but me and @WizardLizard are drinking coffee and watching Frasier. Might meet a friend for lunch today but thats about all.

@Ruffers you ok lad?


Morning all

This might be a bit bright for sensitive, hungover eyes but I got up early to assemble the birthday cake for my daughter’s party. Everything is edible and has held its structural integrity, though the beaker is a bit cracked. Oh and I had to invent two new elements of the periodic table. Just needs sparklers now.




Lovely pints last night.


Fine. Had a night to myself last night cleaning, listening to the new Adam Buxton, playing guitar and reading job descriptions for new internal positions that someone encouraged me to apply for. Just put the baby down for a nap while mrs s after a night out last night is drinking coffee in sunglasses somewhere down the road. My turn tonight! Very boring summary this, wouldn’t write again.


That looks good enough to eat mate


Can you give us a run-down of your itinerary for the day, Witches?


Pals are coming into Sheffield tonight for a cool gig which will be nice. There will more than likely be burritos before hand.


Aye lovely to see everyone and meet a few newuns. @Raanraals i owe you at least one beer, i think we all do


Good morning DiS! I have just consumed half an Easter egg that was on my bedside locker so it’s been a good morning so far.

Heading to watch Cork City play Dundalk at three. It is a beautiful day here so I’m looking forward to the game.


Bon weekend all

In work for the day after v little sleep and lots of sweaty dancing to Seun Kuti and the Egypt 80 last night. Feeling mildly furious about how Friday night gig crowds are 50/50 of awesome dancing comrades and chatty twats out on the pull, took me a little while to escape the latter.

Pub again tonight hooray. Maybe I’ll even be there while the sun’s still out. Think I’ll try to come to the next LME drinks, getting a little jealous of you lot with your genuine social sense of well-being.


Ach, there’s not much to tell really. First we’re going to do a yoga class and then on to afternoon tea and theeeeen… home!

@Kallgeese Whenever you say bedside locker I get an image of you living in a gym! Your floor covered in crash mats, your furniture is gym equipment :muscle:


Morning all!

I was going to have a bit of a lie-in but was forced out of bed when the upstairs neighbour started listening to Ed Sheeran at about 8.45.

I’ve put some washing on and cleaned and hoovered the flat.

Have dug the N64 out of storage and I’m going to play a bit of Goldeneye.

Making curry for tea tonight.

My stag do was pretty sensible and straightforward. Went karting, then consumed half our body weight in meat at a Brazilian restaurant and then went and got pissed.

Went on one that was a complete write off though. We were supposed to go karting but the stag’s car broke down on the way so it got binned off (without telling half of us). Instead we all went to his house (devoid of snacks and booze) and played shit board games all afternoon. Went for a meal and then back to his local for a drink, because a load of them were stressing about how much it would be for a taxi if we were out past 9pm - 3 of us just had the one beer and went home. His wedding was shit as well - the reception wrapped up at about 10pm ffs!


Good morning beautiful people of DiS,
I’ve just woken up, well after waking up fully clothed on the sofa about 4 hours ago.
Gorgeous day out, gonna buy some nice stuff at the farmers market for ma breakfast and then get on the bloody Mary’s before general mayhem ensues as we head back to st Luke’s for 6 music festival :grinning::+1::grinning::+1::beer::tumbler_glass:


I absolutely slaughtered ruffers and wizardlizard at goldeneye last night


Really lovely meat last night with some top eggs. I am quite hungover. Please send food.

@Raanraals thank you for all the cigs, you’re a smokey hero. Hope you didn’t mind me and @ericthefourth calling you a Tory cunt all night :grin:


*these women


The lighting isn’t great in here but this should give you an idea!


Scratch that, found a better camera.


The shadow of your plant in the window looks like a seahorse!!! … with no nose.