's a turd day


Up at hell o clock to get some stuff done and the cats were confused as hell. Saturday is usually their lie-in day, OR they’re used to me getting work done in the kitchen. But off i went into the world at 7am.

At least it’s light outside now but how is it still so bollocking cold?

Anyway how’s you DiS?


I have to drive to the Yorkshire Dales at 10am. Prior to this I must pack a weekend bag, tidy the house, walk the dog, and shower. How late could I realistically get up? I’m going for 8:30.


I mean you’re awake now… why not get up and enjoy a really good breakfast?


I have an extremely comfortable bed



Hi guys.

Daughter had a first ballet lesson today, literally involving some kind of Angelina Bellerina thing with music that the character introduced.

Anyway I enjoyed her teacher getting them all yo do the spread feet position by telling them their heels were glued together and then to “make a pizza slice” and tell her what the toppings were.


Awake but still in bed. Got the flat to myself today. My to do list:

  • coffee
  • plan an ice-free bike ride for tomorrow
  • pick stuff up from sorting office / tiny bit o’shopping
  • clean bike(s), shoes
  • finish book
  • watch sport



Cba to move for a while yet, probably wont. Absolutely no plans at all today which i’m fine with.


I’m AWAKE (since 5:15am!).
Been out to give the animals their breakfast.

Fruit n fibre time for me, then shower, then golf.


Starting to get hungry now but I really don’t wanna move :thinking:



Barring any further family health crises, this will be the first normal weekend I’ve had in about 6 weeks.

• coffee
• drop TV off at the station for college
• exercise
• music
• try to make Dim Sum
• beers
• sleep


Morning all. Worked till just after midnight, took me till about 2 to get to sleep. Awake now for reasons I haven’t been let in on by my stupid brain. Got work again at 12pm until just after midnight again. Long day but at least I’ll get some kind of pub dinner and a good view of the eggball. Would much rather be going to Argyle v Bradford with pretty much everyone I know though.


Off to pick up the boy shortly.

Last night I did this


There’s definitely a market for a service that delivers breakfast in bed to you. Would need some pretty stringent DBS checks I guess.


Update: two hours to go, have turned the bedroom light on and made a vimto


Got the most boring of days…awake at 5.45 as the kids were up.

Got to sew name tags in school.uniform, sort out old school uniform, go to the library to get books about rocks and fossils, put results on a spread sheet and then put things in a folder in alphabetical order. Oh and MrS will likely have the rugby on as well… .



What’s that Mr Cool? You’ve brought me coffee?
You’re a top lad.


Tea for me, now finished.

Gemma Cairney is on for Mary Anne…it’s not quite so soothing. :roll_eyes:


Morning all.

I’m on the DiS parcel collection squad this morning too, so will probably do some shopping whilst I’m out.

Mostly will be making a decision on if I want to risk my cold recovery on going to the pub to watch the rugby this afternoon. I am feeling better, but it’s been 3 weeks now, and I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not. Especially as I have a date at the makers market tomorrow lunch time.


Is she one of those shouty croaky-voiced presenters they have these days?
These days.