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All right, I’m a few pounds over 200 and pushing the limits of my 34’’ waist, so it’s time to get rid of the belly. Got a new spin bike and going to use the Les Mills “RPM” classes.

Anyone do it? Any tips? Any stories?

There’s already 3,944 cycling threads, pal.

This is NOT a cycling thread.

@meowington to thread.

Used to do 4 spin classes as well as riding 200+ miles a week. Never dropped below a 33 inch waist. It’s will make you fitter but it won’t clear any spare tyres on its own

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I’m looking for an increase in cardio, from… zero, and in tandem with a few core exercises. I’m under no illusions - I just need to fit into my kilt enough to allow for a few shandies in a few months.

Oh, and no die young.

You’ll be ok then. Put some tunes on and get sweaty (MrBean.jpg)

I occasionally go to a “Turbo Beat” class where you bring your own bike and put it on a trainer and they give you a HRM and there’s a bloke at the front barking instructions at you and some actually okay dance music going on. I noticed the improvements almost immediately after going (ie being faster on the bike on a real road) when I did it regularly. Actually I might try and go this week :thinking:

You were saying?


Although I have tapered off doing it now cause my gym has gone shit so I’m cancelling, I used to do maybe 4 spin classes a week. I can’t really comment on how much it’ll help you lose weight because I did that in combo with a load of other classes each week but it’ll definitely help your cardio fitness for sure. And if you’re going from no exercise to some exercise, it’ll help.

I found my fitness improved when doing a watt based spin class cause fuck it’s hard. Does your spin bike have a little reader showing watts and average power etc? It’s more effective for fatburn after you’ve cycled.

How much did your spin bike cost out of interest? I prefer the whole being in a group thing so i’m not sure its for me having one at home but I wouldn’t mind exploring that.

What are you doing for your core exercises? I’ve been working on improving my core with my trainer but fuck me I hate it SO MUCH. Remember: never hold your head/neck. Waste of time if you do. Your neck is supposed to hurt and it’ll stop hurting when your core is stronger.

Bike cost shy of £200 and comes with HR and a full on board computer that I assume will give me watts, but I’m note sure. I fucked setting up the saddle part so it needs a bit of woirk, but otherwise I managed it during a whole Friday Night Dinner, so not too long.

The classes that I’m going to watch on the iPad / TV (the bike came with a slot for my eight year old iPad which is neat) is Les Mills and they have trainers and a group setting so I am looking at this to be the main focusing factor for me.

Got some ab work outs (planks, crunches, side raises etc) and a full work out bench with bar weights, so got a few work out routines. Also, mixing it up with some Yoga and Tai Chi as well, which is really reat for my mind.

Can’t wait to really get stuck into it tonight.

My doctor told me that you won’t lose weight just with exercise, and that you have to change your diet too.

I’ve lost about three stone in the last few years. The first lot came off thanks to having a baby who would spit his dummy onto the floor, which I’d then wash with my mouth before handing back to him. I had a period of a couple of months where I was genuinely worried that I might have had something wrong with my insides.

But I also swapped the bag of crisps I’d have for lunch with a couple of sticks of celery, and I’m much better these days about not buying a bar of chocolate or a can of drink.

If you are serious about exercise though, getting a Fitbit really helped me, by showing me just how much I was sitting around every day, and showing me how much I needed to move to burn off the calories I was consuming.

All good shit.

  • Diet is changing big time. Portions and fruit.
  • Changing my lunch too is alwready underway.
  • Got a Fitbit charge HR and it’s great for making me walk the dog at night to get my steps

good job on the 3 stone mind.

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Yeah I lost a bit of weight when I started working out about 2 years ago (maybe a stone) but then for the last year I have massively plateaued because of my diet so i’ve been trying to change that. My trainer says the best way to do it is to cut out refined sugar to just once a week but refined sugar is in EVERYTHING. It’s very difficult but I am trying.

If you can, i’d try to do that HIIT cycling one at least once a week cause it’ll push your cardio and will get you fitter quicker. Doing those high intensity classes got me fitter than just a regular fun class ever did.

Improving your core will also improve your cycling and the weights stuff too as you’re in a form of hollow body when you’re doing most stuff.

I’m done with the days of exercising myself to exhaustion and death. It doesn’t do anything after a while so I’m now focusing on building muscle and strength.

I didn’t lose weight to become a skeleton - I lost weight because I wanted a longer healthier life. Sounds like you already lead a healthy life, so I’d be happy with a slow weight loss, which is where I’m at now. Also because I know that the weight comes off when I do things properly I’m not too fussed now when I go on holiday or have a big blow out and put a bit on, so long as I keep my eyes on the prize (which is getting under 11 stone, which is what I hover around now)

Got a bit bored after a few spin classes. I’m pretty crap at prolonged cardio doing the same thing :((((

Get my cardio from jiujitsu, cos if you dont move doing it, you get choked and/or tapped.

That’s true and a good way to maintain things long term. Nothing worse for your actual health than yoyo dieting.

I did try to lose weight to be come a skeleton! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be skinny. Like FOREVER. But I have come to the realization this year or the last that I will never be skinny and I’m now happy with that. I think it may have helped to be part of a Kardashian world where big butts are IN.

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I really want Peloton to launch in the UK. Used one in a US hotel and it was great, pricey as fuck but I don’t get time really to go to the gym so need to invest in something at home.

yeah, my wife was bummed out where she found out it wasn’t available.