S p i n

hey! I spin a couple of times a week. I also did it when preggers until I was about 7 months gone and bump kept knocking off the handlebars in the standing tracks :rofl::joy:

the great thing about it is that you can adjust the resistance to suit how you’re feeling on any given day (so long as there is still enough resistance on when you’re pedalling fast to protect your knees).

it’s great for fitness and mood- I really feel like I’ve achieved when I’ve done a class. I’m not sure it alone will shift the pounds, and that’s not what I use it for. However, after a punishing class, I always feel a bit sick/ giddy and tend to make better food choices than I might otherwise make at lunchtimes.

For burning fat, you need some kind of resistance training- weights, body pump, something like that. That shit shreds you.


Don’t forget that muscle is heavier than fat, so even if your overall weight is staying the same, you’re still becoming fitter and healthier, which should be the main thing.


Oh yeah for sure. I stopped weighing myself and I just work on feeling comfortable in my clothes.

But I have grown my thigh muscles and glutes quite a bit so my jeans are now too tight and now i’ve started working on my back and chest, my fucking bra is too tight so I need to be remeasured!

CAN’T WIN (with numbers on clothing, buy whatever number is comfortable)

and when I say “weight” i mean body fat because I want my muscles to POP whereas they’re a bit hidden by a bit of fat.

Spinning and boxing training are the best types of exercise for weight loss, in my experience, but you’ve got to combine them with a low-alcohol, low-carb diet, or at least i did. I tried regular exercise without a good diet and it didn’t work, but diet without exercise pretty much always does (though you’re not really getting fitter).

How do you maintain a tempo if doing it at home? Do you follow a video or podcast or something? First time i did one i nearly collapsed and had to get a taxi home. I was by far the least fit person in the class and normally i’d have absolutely no qualms about throwing the towel in but it was almost all extremely attractive fitness freaks bar me so i wanted to prove i wasn’t an absolute shell of a man.

Yeah, it’s an app that you can watch the classes on demand on the TV or the smartphone/tablet. your experience is why we are doing it as an online class.

Muscle isn’t heavier than fat

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Well, a pound of of muscle is the same as a pound of fat, but muscle is denser than fat, and the calories burnt by muscle are greater than fat, and so you can lose a kilo of fat and put on more than a kilo of muscle weight.


A tonne of feathers doesn’t weigh more than a tonne of fat dummy.