S. Potify's unheard of artists

Sorry if there’s been a thread on this before but just having a bath and have some ‘ambient chill’ on and it occurs to me they’re all named individuals and yet other than Spotify they don’t seem to exist. I’m sure there was an article on this too a while back.

Anyone got the scoop?

is that that algorithmic playlist fodder stuff?

What I’ve seen about it sounds absolutely grim and terrible for yer independent music artists. There was that tweet Zola Jesus did sharing a message from Spotify suggesting she pay to work with Spotify’s “expert producers” to create playlist-ready tracks or something and it was very “cripes malarkey”

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Yes. Seems more prevalent in the ‘ambient’ genres that can get away with being faceless.

Will look into the zola jesus thing.

Knew I hadn’t imagined it https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/12/15961416/spotify-fake-artist-controversy-mystery-tracks

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yeah this seems to have been going on for a few years now:




Excellent work.


Those “ambient chill” playlists get crazy numbers. Hammock get millions of plays on some tracks because of it, and have seen some artists who would play to 40-50 in London get similar numbers

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Just another way for spotify to funnel money into their own pockets isnt it.

It’s coz it’s such an easy go to isn’t it. Sitting in the bath? Need some inoffensive music to listen to. Cosy night in with your other half? Need some inoffensive music to listen to. Etc ad infinitum.

All the lads love a bit of Akira Kosemura


Still got to be decent though or my soundcloud would have more than a few hundred listeners

Hmu with Yr soundxloud link

I wonder could MueseuM get onto these playlists, get a bit of cash.

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Is a good example. The top track is just a filler track from their worst album but has hundreds of thousands more listens than anything else on there. Whilst a track like this which is incredible will only have tens of thousands;

Not written anything in five years or so

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That’s boss mate! Really like it :heart_eyes: and you’re right would clock up the plays on sptofiy

Might paulstretch a fart and call it “Homework Study Introspection For Working”


At least one really talented producer on this compilation :wink:

There was a lot of chatter about the fake ambient artists on twitter last year.


It was another Swedish company - Epidemic Sound - that was gaming Spotify, not Spotify itself. Though there has been chat that there was a deal between them