S-Town - a new podcast from the Serial guys

Anybody tried this yet? Is anybody arsed anymore after series 2 of Serial was a bit of a let down? S-Town’s at least returning to it’s murder-mystery roots. Gonna give the first episode a go on my lunch break.

Got em all downloaded

That’s a bloody good start Ant!!!

EDIT: excuse my French.

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I heard the trailer in the opening of TAL and then completely forgot about it. Tell us how it goes.

I didn’t even bother with Serial’s 2nd run.

Will do chief. Will do.

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It was dead boring mate

read something about it but couldn’t figure out what it’s about. is it fiction?

The narrative was all over the place wasn’t it. Probably didn’t help that the story was unfinished when they started.

It just wasn’t interesting enough innit, I tend to find war stuff boring as fuck anyway tbh but I just couldn’t pay attention when listening as it was so boring

As I said in the other podcast thread, listened to the first episode this morning, it’s brilliant. Apparently it goes in even weirder directions. I don’t think it’s fiction, but it almost comes across as such. Nothing like the long wet fart that was Serial season 2.

Think the most off putting thing was Bowe’s overuse of ‘good grief’ so whenever he was talking I was picturing Charlie Brown. He probably left the base because his solider buddies kept pulling the football away from him at the last minute.



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yeah i’m part way into episode 5 of this. I walked for 30 mins at lunchtime just to listen to some more. It’s absolutely fantastic and highly recommended. Really interesting (and sad) insight into the deep south and complex issues for people there

1 and a half episodes in and it’s pretty compelling so far.

1st episode done and can’t say i’m too impressed with it. the alabaman guy is fucking annoying.

will probably keep going.

You’re in for a treat.

Part way into episode V and it’s good but really really rambly. I wish I felt like there was some kind of overall point.

Did the first two seasons of Serial teach you nothing?

I never even bothered with Serial S2 but the first season had a very definite thread that ran through it in terms of the single murder.

Here we have a guy whose initial murder fear is dealt with in episode 2 and is dead by episode 3 so we’re looking at a weird mess of a scramble over his estate. But on top of that he raised some serious allegations about the cops.

Now I’ve just got through the bit with Rita where she says how dodgy the cops are and Brian responds to her questions about what John thought by saying he just hated all law enforcement, seemingly forgetting the sexual assaults things?

Oh well, I’m enjoying it, I’m just not being drawn back to it quickly when I put it down.

finished ep4 now. it’s pretty good.