I’ve been awake since 7 cause bf got up to go golf.
Not sure what to do today but I may go to homesense.

What are you up to? What’s for breakfast?

Sat doing work in a hotel room in the dark while the TV has a lie-in as my first day back tomorrow is going to be quite disrupted by going for another job interview.

Breakfast will be a good fry-up at least.

Prolly go climbing this afternoon.


Well done on not boozing! I just don’t know a drink other than water that I could drink in the same qty I could beer? And if I have fizzy drinks, I get a fizzy drink hangover!

Good luck for tomorrow!


Anyone know where I can watch the Surviving R Kelly doc online?

Morning Meow, all. Got work 9.30-5 but got up super early to avoid waking my wife cause the cold I’ve had brewing all week has finally hit me. Feel like death.

It’s like a hangover, headache, groggy, feeling shitty…but from the sugars and caffeine in the fizzy drinks. Maybe it’s just me! :joy:

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Nah Mrs F gets this too. Normally from cola but happens with other drinks too.

Gf has made me wear a turtleneck. Look like a cat burglar. Off to the cotswolds. Might stop off at a maccas l.


Probably under orders from @colossalhorse as part of his #yearoftheturtleneck campaign.

(think I have got his hashtag slightly wrong)


Alright all.

Stayed up too late last night in the Saturday Evening Party Thread. Baby was up early, so been chilling with Hey Duggee and Mr Tumble. Going to the tip in a sec, then my ATD is visiting from Bristol. Gonna go for lunch and a big walk.


Baking some bread - I’ve been trying the NYT 24-hour one. This is my second go and I think I’ve still got the dough a bit too wet, but it tasted great last time anyway. Trying to get it to graduate from soup-dipping bread to sandwich-slicing bread. Bonne Sunday everyone.

I love Homesense!

Still lying in bed, nor sure what to do today but it has to cost zero pounds


My head hurts in both the ‘ow, my head hurts’ and the ‘suffering mental anguish’ ways, which together has provided enough to render me useless to other human beings today.

If anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in the darkness of my room, abdicating all responsibility until functioning is resumed.

I feel trapped in this item of clothing, thanks horse

Been up since 4 for an 8am flight. Kill me.

I’ve hopefully got a #turtleneck arriving tomorrow. Excited.

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I need to go to B&Q, Debenhams, and the tip. Classic Sunday.

What colour you playing with here shiggles?

I’m wearing black, after the initial test with camel/brown made me look like I was topless