I’m going to get a curry watch a film and sleep.

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Hate getting surprised by caffeine in cold remedies because I usually take them late at night to sleep :frowning:

Sugar free syrup for coffee: horrific

Just feel dehydrated and more headachy now

I just want to be able to breathe through both nostrils again tbh.

Do you know owt about walking boots? Have some Karrimor material ones that have done a job for years but thinking of getting some new leather ones. Maybe Berghaus Hillmaster 2…?

Need an uplifting film to bring me up. Might watch Zodiac


I have some Brasher Hillmaster boots. They are amazing. Think that’s what you meant

Yes but they were bought by Berghaus so that name no longer exists.

I only learnt this today

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That explains it. Yeah, they are great boots.

Can find them for £103 delivered. Tempted.

you need to go to a shop and try them out tbh. the fit is everything.

as for those ones, they’re goretex right? kinda depends when / where you’ll be walking if that’s a good idea. will keep water out (unless you’re crossing rivers or bogs etc it’ll get in the top, obviously) but will also keep water in. if you’re just walking when it’s nice might be better getting a breathable one that’ll dry out better

swings and roundabouts. basically, go to a shop and ask the folk there.

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Had mine for ages. Wear them at festivals, so 14hrs at a time maybe. Dead comfy

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Shops? Fuck that!

Just general family walking but that can cover all sorts of conditions.

they’ll prolly do you well then. i’d still say go and try them on but whatever.

Climbed the five peaks in them, including Ben Nevis in the snow. Really decent all around shoe. But it’s about that fit. May not work for you

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Ever seen Cemetery Junction?

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Made red pepper souo, started to marinate chicken thighs for tomorrow and have a huge helping of Mac & cheese on. So much food

Also - taking alcohol to the cinema

  • Great harmless fun
  • Don’t do that

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Is it too late to return him?

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