A few years ago I tried to find out if the correct English term form a turtleneck was polarneck or polo neck. It seems like people used both indiscriminately but I always figured ‘polarneck’ made sense.

Or possibly we should just be using tortoiseneck to make some kind of point?

I mainly say ‘don’t do that’ because alcohol makes me need a wee and I don’t believe you should EVER leave a film in the cinema for a loo break. Watch the whole thing or go home.

I can tell you that the last 30 mins of The Last Jedi was agony.

However, I have indulged in a glass of wine in the Screen on the Green where you get the sofas to relax in.


Got pies in the oven for dinner. The veggie Aldi ones. I’m not really one to check the calories or fat content in food but I just clocked that the pie I buy and eat quite regularly has over EIGHT HUNDRED CALORIES IN IT JFC

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Yeah but OTOH you cycled 200km the other weekend so… :smiley:

Well Strava said I “burned” ~1700 calories on a short ride today and I’ve eaten fuck all really so :person_shrugging:

Don’t think I’ve ever seen them referred to as this in the UK. Not sure why they’re call polo-necks though. Something to do with the spot maybe?


I dunno, I mean you’re either feeling healthy or not. I’m sure my work breakfast used to regularly top 1000 calories according to the calorie counter I used and it was just a white coffee, porridge (made with milk), a whole banana and a yoghurt.

But a polo shirt looks so different so I was left confused. Basically it was a term I only ever heard someone say so I couldn’t work out which it was and because it keeps your neck warm the polar bit seemed to make most sense. Hmm

Yeah you’re probably right, dunno what I was thinking tbh. It has 140% of my recommended daily allowance of fat too, lol

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Having a pint in a very warm pub before recording and I’ve realised I smell like sweat and melted butter. Curse my dairy intake!

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What dre-



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It registers at around 5pm on a Saturday these days :confused:

Just proper ragequit castlevania. About to eat some rainbow trout. No other plans tonight.

Can you have fish n chips at some point so we can judge your ratios?

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Probably not tbh, eaten plenty of that in my life and the local vegan fish n chips is :yum:

Anyone know where I can get a curry in Heathrow Terminal 3?


Didn’t post a pic of my dinner last night but I can assure you the ratios were spot on

Does yo sushi do curry?