Saaaaturday morning... Who's gonna play with me?

Bike today! As usual lol. Five days until home. Five days until I see my parents for the first time in an entire year.

Taking the happy emotions I feel right now and passing them on to you. Have wonderful weekends guys… Please tell me about them here xx


You have a good one too!

I’m seeing some friends for a Christmas meal today which will be nice, then tomorrow will finally sort out gifts to send home.

I’m absolutely exhausted. Not like one-sleep-will-do-the-trick exhausted - proper ‘need 2 weeks lying in a dark room’ exhausted. Can’t wait for the Christmas break so I can just switch off!!

Ah, this is a lovely opening post :slight_smile:

(I meant Tilty’s, though SSF’s post is nice too)

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Ha I think mine is a bit Eeyore tbh :joy:


Off to work in a bit. Lovely, lovely work

Morning all :wave:

All is fine here. I actually slept really well and woke up naturally before the girls woke.

Today: probably go for a walk this morning (maybe to the coast?), then football this afternoon! First time back in a football stadium since lockdown, for King’s Lynn Town vs Torquay. We’re going to lose badly but still, will be nice to show up.

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Morning all!

Wor Lass is working this weekend and I’m taking The Child to gymnastics. One of them has been awake since seven singing about how excited she is.


I will be working today.

Not good working either, it’s going to be repetitive data entry for a good 6 or 7 hours.

Good morning, just went for a swim and doing a post shower sheet mask now, feel really good. Going to take a break from job hunting this weekend which is a relief more than anything, it’s so stressful to think about, especially as I’ve been knocked back a few times which has hit my confidence. Planning a long bike ride with a nice cafe/deli place as a scheduled stop for lunch


Going to the shop with my mum in the hope that I can get some stamps and maybe little presents. Well, that’s if I can get out of the trap.


Not really Saturday related, but can anyone recommend a good, free, ad-free MP3 player for Android? I have a bunch of albums stored on my phone from pre-Spotify days, and Google Play Music is shutting.

I’ve just woken up. Both kids are still asleep. It’s a Christmas miracle.



Really fed up of the fact Manchester has been in lockdown, then high tier, then lockdown, then tier 3 since March, almost forget other parts of the country can go and do stuff. So I’m going to my friends house for lunch and so M can see their kids because she told me yesterday “I’ll never be happy again” :pleading_face:

A life of crime.

Work tonight, work tomorrow.


Getting the tree and Christmassing the house today. It’s been 2 years since Noah came home from 10 weeks in Nicu so we’ll probably be a bit indulgent and open the fizz we got for Christmas last year.

Elf drew a moustache on MiniStack last night, what a disgrace.



Sainsbury’s delivery this morning - we ordered two boxes of kitten food, they’re bringing one box of adult cat food. I wonder how many times we’ll reject the adult food before someone scratches their head and asks why? I suppose I should get some clothes on before they arrive.

Anyway, it’s my other half’s birthday today. We ate heartily last night and she’s off for a socially distanced child free walk this morning so I’m on Jimbo duty. I guess we’ll be off to buy kitten food then.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Playerpro free version is ace.

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Phil Spector Christmas music on the radio. I say to Mrs Stack “oh we haven’t listened to Phil yet, we’ll have to put that on later,” and MiniStack suddenly brightens up and says “Phil Lizzy?”

She’s amalgamated Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott and I’m very happy about it.


Lovely sky that. Cheered up my morning


Doing some crafts this morning and then managing my sons football team at lunchtime. Weather is grim but late pitch inspection says we’re good to go