After a rather slumpy week I’m dragging myself out of it as it’s my atds bday and we’re going to chickn sours where I can’t wait to sample the no way vegan nuggets and bang bang salad. And fries. And bloody Mary.

Wuu2 dis wknd huns?


Working innit. Got my sister and brother in law staying over tonight apparently. Really cba with that

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Morning all, my mother is coming to visit. Apparently we are going out for lunch, which should be nice - no idea where we’re going to go yet though. Gotta today the house a bit first too, ee

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Up earlier than I’d like to be, with a small (3/10) hangover which will probably go after a coffee.

This is the first weekend in ages I have some time to myself, though I’ve got some work to do, so it’ll probably go:

  • Coffee and a Book
  • Tidy the flat
  • Go for a walk / rummage around some charity shops
  • Get a haircut
  • Do some freelance work this afternoon for a few hours
  • watch 1/2 films on MUBI

A side-question: anyone every temporarily lost their smell? I had a cold earlier this week and now I can’t smell a thing even though the cold has gone. It’s weird and deeply unpleasant.

Last maybe 10 minutes with R awake before I got totally overwhelmed and unable to function. This is going to be a very long weekend and I don’t know how to get through it.

Morning DiS, still feeling a bit ill but I’m a hundred times better than yesterday. Maybe with coffe and decent breakfast I might be able to function normally today.

Feeling ridiculously anxious about a kids party later, social situations, gah. Might go to see Onward first of all if I can make breakfast and get dressed quickly.

alright, robert smith

Got literally no plans this weekend and feel like a quiet weekend is exactly what I need tbh. Gonna get up and make eggs and coffee soon, maybe play video games all day.


I have a feeling you’re turning into lo-pan. Quiet weekend, my arse

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Housemates continuing to throw out my food or just… Throw it out. Fucking hate living with other people

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Busy day ahead. Going to see my Nan, go for lunch with my Mam, collect our new car then my GF is going to drive it back to Cork. Should be seeing Girl Band with @Lo-Pan later!


Hung over and cba. At least the wife is working so I don’t have to talk to anyone.

What a song. A poet for our times.


I have weak sinuses so it happens about 3-4 times a year.

Often immediately after I spend a load of money on nice beers that aren’t designed to be stockpiled for ages.

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I actually own everything Eazy-E put out kermo! My mates and I loved him when we were teenagers. Lo-pan and I would do a fine job!

Do you know he gave his first record deal? He actually appears on this!


How long does it normally last for? Do you just need to wait it out or is there anything you can do?

Yeah I went out and had some fancy beers last nights and they all just tasted… wet.

Listen to it at Christmas and think of!

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I now get this nose spray from my GP that does a decent job of keeping the worst symptoms at bay.


Morning all!

The Child slept in my bed from about 3.30 so I was awake 6.30 playing dentist. Recent standards of sleep suggest I actually haven’t done that badly.

We’re going to see a Peppa Pig thing at the library this.

Wor Lass is apparently being scanned at some point, which we’re pleased about, so we’ll visit later.

Quite tempted by a Local Indian takeaway tonight but also balancing that with the ease of a big plate of beanzy toast. The second option has the added advantage of The Child eating it too.

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To be fair, the Atban Klann verse on that is boss. I also get it stuck in my head every damn Christmas, which is annoying as it is most definitely not a family friendly rendition of the Christmas classic.

In a fantastic piece of irony, while doing a piece of work about psychological operations in modern warfare just now (light topics for Saturday mornings) my spellchecker tried to correct Soleimani to Anusol. Uh huh, right back at ya, Bill Gates.