A thread to talk about that most mighty of metal godfathers, The Black Sabbaths…

Anyone going to see them on their ‘final’ tour. Perhaps some scepticism given how many ups and downs they’ve had over the years, but it does sound as though Tony Iommi really has decided that he’s too old for this shit these days and can’t do the travelling - I would be surprised if it’s the absolute last time the three/four of them ever share a stage however. Nice that they are bowing out in Brum obviously. I am off to see them at The O2 in a couple of weeks, and paying £80 (!) for the privilege, and am super excited. Maybe not quite as good value as £2.50 at Hyde Park the other year.

Best band from the midlands ever surely? Favourite albums/riffs/stories of debauchery? If I can work out how to do polls I might put a couple up unless anyone else wants to jump in.

Just look at their little faces…


Love Sabbath, first 4 albums and excellent.

Ive seen them once, for £2.50, and they were great, much better than I thought they’d be.

Enjoy the O2.

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Fantastic band, so many great records, tracks and RIFFS!
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is my personal favourite, but there is so much good stuff it is hard to find fault.

I was tempted by the o2 gigs, but it was just too much cash to justify for me at the moment. I saw them (original four) in 2001 and it was as perfect as I’d ever want a Sabbath show to be, so I’m not devastated to miss them this time (lying to myself).

I just love how as fucked up and broken Ozzy looks in that awful show, he is still awesome on stage. It really is time for them to bow out though.

I’ve been listening to the first six albums to get myself in the mood and what struck me, in addition to just how many amazing riffs there are, was just how many tempo changes they are also - every track seems to have sections at at least three speeds, which belies their doom heavy reputation somewhat.

I’m also currently reading Mick Wall’s ‘Symptom Of The Universe’ bio of them. One of the most interesting elements was just how quickly they went from a jobbing blues band in the shithole venues of Birmingham to international mega stardom, literally in the period of about 12 months. The 70s eh?

Ozzy solo in 1991 was one of the first gigs I ever went to. It was eye openingly batshit crazy and super loud. Ozzy had his top off and rocked out like a madman throughout, only pausing periodically to mop himself down with a neverending supply of towels that he would then dispatch into the crowd. Being in the front row, I got hit in the face with one of said very damp towels midway through his set. I never washed that face again :+1:

Very true. They are always remembers for the heavy, often chugging lead riffs, but there is so much more to their sound. Complete pace and timing shifts, their glorious instrumental tracks and the rock solid rhythm section.
There was a BBC doc about the making of Paranoid, and the producer strips off the lead and vocals from several of the tracks, to show not only how tight the rhythm section was, but also how creative, varied and interesting the textures.

I’ll certainly check out that book. My family heritage is pure brummie so I love that such a seminal band, grew from the bleak midlands.

One of my all time faves. Bit sad I cannae attend any dates on this last tour and I’ve never seen them. Can always crank this though…

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  • Black Sabbath
  • Paranoid
  • Master Of Reality
  • Vol. 4
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  • Sabotage
  • 13 (you know, for the kids)
  • Some other, patently incorrect option…

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I’ll be at the O2 as my pal (who is a massive Sabbath fan) had a few spare tickets. I must admit though - and I feel quite guilty about this - I don’t really know all that much about them. Obviously know and love a lot of the classics, and I had a Sabbath obsessed housemate at uni so have probably heard more than I realise, but still.

Someone want to give me a quick education? Where should I start? What should I listen to first? What’s going to make me sound like I know what I’m talking about in the pub before the show? etc.

The first six albums are all pretty much flawless, so if you have the time/motivation it’s worth listening to all of those. Plus, most of their setlist will be from them. In fairness, they are all only 1970s length, so 40 minutes or so each. The run of Paranoid/Master Of Reality/Vol. 4 is maybe the best sequence within that lot.

If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about in the pub beforehand however:

  1. Talk up their most recent album 13 as a return to form
  2. Pretend to like the Ronnie James Dio era stuff
  3. Claim that Technical Ecstasy is their best album
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So, off to see them tonight on appropriately a Sabbath, rainy Sabbath. Excited. May have overdosed on the first four albums recently, but fortunately it looks as though that’s where all of their setlist is coming from (aside from one track off Technical Ecstasy - give it up Iommi). Anyone been to any of their UK/Ireland shows so far?

Went to see the Leeds show with my whole family. It was superb. My 13 year old son who normally struggle express enthusiasm for anything said it was the best experience of his life.

An amazing, amazing band. Iommi and Butler are just the most incredible musicians.

don’t get them, aren’t they kinda boring?

Went to the Manchester show last week and it was fucking excellent. I was a bit concerned about Ozzy’s vocals - on some footage I saw he sounded like he was struggling - but he was brilliant. It was loud, as a Sabbath gig should be. The drummer’s a bit more of a tub thumper than Bill but all in all a bloody great show. Enjoy!

Er, no

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I like war pigs, that’s a good one

Can you genuinely listen to Supernaut and Into the Void and describe them as ‘boring’?

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I’m afraid I listened to into the void and found it boring yes


Hard to pinpoint the best album. Whilst they have many superb albums I think, and always have thought they’ve always just missed out on a stone cold classic album. Obviously this is nitpicking as they have such great material, but a totally solid album, maybe not…