Sabotage the best song with most terrible cover versions?

Sabotage (Beastie Boys) is obviously one of the finest pieces of music ever recorded. It is perfect.

it has been covered a million times. None of the covers are good.

Can you think of any excellent songs that have been covered badly more times than Sabotage?

I had no idea it had been covered so many times (and yes, so badly). That said, this one rips and they did the video too! (Also wisely kept it short)


Not sure I’ve ever heard a cover of Sabotage.

Unchained Melody must be in with a shout, very few have done justice to Robson and Jerome’s original.


Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah will be murdered by successive generations until the end of time


Happy Birthday

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Same, not until the one posted above.

I thought I was being asked to sabotage the best song with most terrible cover versions.


I think Hot Chip did OK with it.


Merry Xmas (War is Over)


Anyway, Powderfinger’s a banger and I’ve never heard a cover of it, but it’d probably be rubbish.

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Every teenage band

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Type ‘common people cover’ in YouTube.

1000’s of them. All terrible.

There are probably thousands of versions of Bohemian Rhapsody out there where the lyrics have been changed for comedic or satirical effect. Makes my skin crawl just imagining them…


Can never quite decide if I think Sabotage is a great song or a really boring one, maybe it’s both.

This was pretty unfortunate

No Puddle of Mud yet?

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This is much better than the original

I’ll be honest that I came into this thread to make the “interpret the title wrong joke” that I don’t think Sabotage has the most terrible cover versions but that actually is the thesis of the thread so now I’m not sure if I have a place in the world any more.

Anyway, can someone make the thread “Sabotage: the best song with the most terrible cover versions?” where we all try to sabotage the best song we can think of with the most terrible cover versions we can do?


Hallelujah doesn’t count because the original sucks as well.