Sacha Baron Cohen - new series


Because those characters (outside of the Ali G film) relied on people not knowing they were characters. Once they’ve reached a certain level of popularity they’re useless. And while he could do films / TV with them where it’s just scripted comedy, that’s obviously not his forte or where his interest lies (not that I’ve seen Grimsby to judge).


Yeah, but in a post-Gervais world, I wouldn’t be surprised if he reaches a point where he forgets any of that matters and has the audience finishing his catchphrases for him


Fair point, but people get desperate sometimes when they’ve had a string of flops



I love SBS/ Borat etc. Could have comfortably predicted that DiS wouldn’t.
I’m excited about the new series!


I, uh, had quite a lot of fun watching that Grimsby film. Even if it was just juvenile rubbish.


I liked it when he moved to saying ‘my former girlfriend who I married’


Aren’t most people here saying that they love Ali G and Borat?


:joy:Oh I totally misread this thread then


he is no dennis pennis


it’ll be shit, but it makes me sad how far he’s fallen. Going back and watching the early sketches from Ali g, Borat and Bruno is still one of the few things i can always rely on when i need a laugh. Those sketches are absolute genius.


Grimsby is the worst film i’ve ever seen. literally.


Children! children…


The WTF podcast with SBC is very interesting, some of the anecdotes from the making of Borat and Bruno are hair raising. Guy has huuuuuge balls. I don’t think people appreciate how difficult those things are to make.


Why do guardian TV articles never say the channel/ platform the show is on ?


I know! That complaint is one of the few staples of the Guardian comments sections that’s actually reasonable!


Genuinely had to google Super Size Me 2, couldn’t believe it was real… holy shit, that sank without trace.


It hasn’t been released. It was signed to a deal but dropped when Spurlock was accused of (and admitted to) past sexual misconduct.


every time i hear Sammy Wilson speak i still think about Ali G interviewing him