Sacha Baron Cohen - new series


" but finally had enough and literally, physically removed my mic and walked out, much to Cohen’s chagrin."

yes, I;m sure he was very chagrined!


wonder is there a way of viewing this online later


Channel 4 tomorrow night, or are you not in the UK?


some excellent lols here


The Guardian gives the impression that lots of the series is really shit non-political stuff, which is a shame, because some of the sendups of Republicans over guns is as funny as the original Ali G or Borat stuff.


That Guardian article also seems to suggest that George W Bush was ’ not so calamitously harmful that there would be no fun in making fun’ - so even if they’re right about the show, the writer is clearly an idiot


Blink One Eightytwo has absolutely done me :joy:


the character is a bit faker looking than Bruno or Borat though, i’m surprised they didn’t just immediately nope out. hope the other characters are a bit less ridiculous.


At this point they’re disguises as much as characters really aren’t they?

Some more effective than others, which means at least now we know the answer to the question, “Why aren’t there more Conservative comedians?” because apparently they just don’t watch any comedy.


It’s hard watching satire post-Trump. 2 years or so back, during every episode of Last Week Tonight about the NRA or Drumpf’s bankruptcies or whatever i was like “Wow how can he survive THIS…” and then you’d see it didn’t dent his image one jot somehow.


He’s one of the least popular Presidents ever. People shouldn’t expect TV comedy to bring down a politician anyway, has it ever done so before?


Tv comedy maybe not but TV…


starting now


having read the bit about the art dealer sketch, ahm ooot. typical latter-day Cohen trying to be as disgusting as possible in lieu of doing something funny or witty.


yeah this is shit.

oh well


turned it off


Yep. Me too. Fucking awful.


terrible, stath lets flats was actually funnier than that


Was so disappointed that this wasn’t a Jason Statham does Foxtons spoof.


never heard of this

@funkycow also disappointed to find out it does not in fact involve jason statham