Sacha Baron Cohen - new series


Pros: Brass Eye for the Trump generation

Cons: Brass Eye for the Trump generation


I don’t think it’s comparable with Brass Eye.


That’s not possible, that show is a crime against humanity


I quite liked the bits with the pigeon


The last part was a total Brass Eye pastiche/rip off


the more you see of Cohen the more you think he must have had some co-writer/consultant in the early days to reign him in. i mean Borat wasn’t exactly subtle but you feel like it was by comparison.


People here don’t like Stath Lets Flats?! My word, it takes all-sorts, doesn’t it? Love that show. Genuinely funny, pretty sweet, and increasingly poignant. I see myself in Stath a lot. I’m very inarticulate in real life (and on here), and often I lose my way halfway through a sentence and end up saying something that makes no sense. Stath does the same, like when that old man fell asleep on his shoulder and he said “why are you leaning on me like we’re in… divine love?” It’s funny when he does it, but I feel his pain too.

The new SBC got much, much better in the second half. His stuff has always been hit and miss, so I’m going to stick with this for the hits.


Dunno about the TV show but the Borat film was definitely co-written with Peter Baynham and some others


State of this:

To interview Bernie Sanders, as “Ruddick” does, and spend that precious time arguing that he should make all Americans part of the 1% elite by “moving the nines”, instead of – oh, I don’t know, high-fiving and thanking him for draining Hillary’s resources – lets both Sanders and far-right conspiracy theorists off too lightly, while preaching to the choir about the imbecility of certain known imbecilic types.

I thought the programme didn’t really work, the whole format seemed a bit outdated. Even the notionally shocking stuff, the gun nuts at the end, didn’t really hit home, because literally nothing would surprise me about how these people think.


The last bit about the guns was classic SBC! It is so scary how these people of power are happy to go along with such a proposition/read stuff off an autocue etc - America is a scary place.


Also the bit where she says how before Trump we didn’t have any really harmful world leaders or something.


I actually like stath let’s flats, I was just trying to be cool


Now barge the Stath


Liking things is the coolest.



When I saw Nathan Fielder credited as a consultant, I found myself wishing that he’d been given the premise of this show - bringing the almost psychopathic attention to detail of Nathan For You to these massive targets could potentially be incredible.

As it is, I think the show kind of aimed more to impress the viewer with how he pulled everything off and focused a bit too little on the actual comedy / satire. I will say that my favourite part was probably, following that one guy saying that representatives or whoever don’t just read a proposal and immediately endorse it, that sharp cut to several representatives immediately endorsing arming schoolchildren.


good thing of this has meant I’ve been down an Ali G wormhole


Apparently this had poor viewing figures in the US - probably because the only good bits get shared online before the episodes air!


In an already unpleasant world I guess there’s only so much more unpleasantness you can take. The racism bit with the town meeting in episode 2 etc… just piling on grimness while preaching to the converted.


“Piling on grimness while preaching to the converted.”

Yes, that’s probably true. But here’s an example of how this show can encourage change:

Anyone who’s yet to be featured must be getting pretty scared now.