Sacha Baron Cohen - new series


Oh I don’t doubt people will get fired/quit their position etc, I mean that’s just damage limitation, there’ll be plenty of that, I was just explaining why it didn’t surprise me that no one wants to watch the show.

I was reading something this week about how little Michael Moore’s films did in the long term to change the status quo, same deal here innit.


Never mind long term, Fahrenheit 9/11 didn’t even do its intended job of losing George W Bush the election that same year


Watched this last night. Are we certain that the ‘unsuspecting victims’ aren’t in on it? The town meeting thing at the end seemed oddly unreal. Perhaps it’s the way it was filmed, or perhaps I just don’t want to believe that those shitheads exist.


Yeah it’s like Borat; some of it was genuinely ‘unsuspecting’ people, some of it is people who are ‘in on it’ but you can never quite tell which is which. Or I can’t anyway.

He never topped this IMO


the art gallery lady in the first ep was definitely ‘in on it’


ok this was pretty funny


It was 3/4 like the “dey turk are jebs” meeting in South Park and 1/4 convinced the Log Lady was going to burst in abruptly


The Stath character was just a bit Borat-ty though. It was trying to be Sasha Baron Cohen so much.

It wasn’t for me.


Both episodes so far have had genuinely fantastic parts. SBC manages to expose so much bigotry, idiocy and gullibility I sometimes want to stab myself in the eyes and ears cringing… and probably a million times more if you’re a nice, smart, liberal American. But he does a great job of rooting such people out.

There is, though, a 90s hangover of “ha ha ha look at these Americans they’re so gullible and don’t understand irony like in Cool Britannia” and I’m thinking, mate, it’s 2018, go to a Free Tommy rally over here, they’d voluntarily slam their own cocks in a drawer and say “But the Muslims did it”




in the Mossad…i mean not in the Mossad



the EDM DJ segment was pretty hilarious.




Real Sodomy Andrews Lane Theatre Saturday October 17th @ 10.30 pm


been catching up with a few episodes. more or less a 50-50 hit rate in fairness. to be honest as much as it’s kind of disappointing that he keeps reverting to dick or poo jokes, a lot of them are still really funny, just like they were with Borat (“i had a good shit”). It’s a Cohen staple, i guess.
absolutely lost it at the ending of the rap battle where he says the other guy has a small phallus.
i think overall this has restored his reputation in my eyes, after the horrifically bad Grimsby, and the absolute self-destruction of his Bruno character.
best character: Erron Morad
worst: conspiracy guy

as the AV club put it: the Sarah Palin episode is starting to feel like the fireworks factory




“draining her resources”

these people are broken aren’t they