Sacha Baron Cohen - new series


Did this get any better? I watched the first one and couldn’t really be arsed with the others


it did for me. it’s hit and miss but every episode has at least one knockout moment


i’m probably guilty of it in this very thread but the amount of overanalysis of this show from the media has been pretty silly and is getting a bit old now. it’s a comedy sketch show, essentially, but i think journalists are treating it like Cohen was supposed to create a cohesive thesis out of it. tv critics in general are just a bit tedious like that


To be fair, the whole marketing of the show essentially revolved around the fact that “Sacha Baron Cohen is back to save us”


yeah you gotta market and push these things i guess. it did enough to make it seem somewhat ‘important’ though. like if it was all political satire they’d probably complain that it was too polemic.


Clearly it fooled idiots like this person




kind of amazed that Cohen essentially showed someone killing a protestor and somehow the show hasn’t done anything of note.


In fact, I made an even bigger assumption: that the whole thing would be a Watergate-level undercover sting, where Trump and his associates would be lulled into admitting to a series of errors and crimes by a comedian playing the fool. I wanted it to be a parallel Mueller probe. I wanted it to make a tangible dent. Which, in retrospect, may have been a little too much to ask of a televised prank show.

just a bit mate, yeah


still watching some of the sketches, the one where he goes to Gretchen Rossi’s house and alpha-dogs with her husband is comic genius


only just seen this reply for some reason… thanks, that explains it!


this is fairly awful and his voice sounds different. never go back