Sacred Cows


Been listening to the john robins/elis james podcast and they do a good feature called Sacred Cows, where they discuss what feted bands arent all that.

Which much loved band would you say are wildly over rated?


led zeppelin

stole all their songs, can’t play.


^THIS, but for the rolling stones


100% Led Zeppelin for this. I’ve always found them to be completely unlistenable.




yeah them too.

i don’t think LZ cant play, i just wish they wouldn’t, except jimmy page and the singer they’re rubs


The Beatles


Cant accept The Beatles


Queen, obviously


some of Macca’s songs are alright I suppose


Me neither. SO overrated


Yup. Apart from Under Pressure, I can’t understand why people like Queen at all.

I’ve tried really hard to appreciate The Pixies, Pavement and Sonic Youth but they just sound a bit amateurish to me.


This might be the worst opinion in the history of the DiS forums


beatles do have a ton of absolutely shite tunes. always thought of them as more of a ‘culturally important’ band than an actually good one.


Nahhh. They were such an amazing amazing band. Could do anything. They had some dross for sure but they more than made up for it.

The fact they were a band for 10 years and went from the moptops to what they became is crazy


imagine pretending not to like led zeppelin


I also find Frank Black’s voice incredibly irritating.


the only decent pixies songs are written by kim deal though right


Bob Dylan, Mozart, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Prince