Sacred Cows

Sorta agree with Prince. Like i think I like him.and think Purple Rain/Raspberry Beret are so good but the rest is a bit…dirgey

jesus christ, thread is literally beyond parody


You were right about nick cave though

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you’re posting on the music board

yeah, good point, muted.

Give it a rest


joy division - boring bad music for creeps.

The smiths - johnny marr has such a shit guitar sound and all the tracks are incredibly boring from a musical standpoint, it’s clear morrissey was the only one with any talent.

My bloody valentine - again a band for creepy sexist men and seems to be 20 guitars playing the same thing through my old zoom fx pedal, not in a cool way.


but enough about mark kozelek!!!


Any bands that are just about being wacky and taking drugs, I’m looking at you flaming lips, the doors etc

Grow up yeah?


Can accept the boring and creep part but objectively not bad music.

Deftones - musically had some good grooves but totally ruined by meandering vocals with no sense of purpose and no grasp of melody. That might fly if I tried was intentionally anti-melodic but it’s just a lack of talent and vision.

Nahh Minerva is better than 99% of other bands output


What’s the standout track on that one? The one that goes “Shove it push it arrrgh shut up?”

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Genuinely don’t remember the name of that’s but the riff was good.

Are you a drummer btw?

Pink Floyd.


Yeah most average band in the history of music.

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Tom waits. Idgi. Have also tried with joy division a lot and see why they’re iconic but don’t like them that much. Fucking love new order though.

Sonic youth annoy me.

Neutral Milk Hotel.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is probably the worst sounding record I’ve ever heard.

More importantly though it’s pretty sick and shameful to use one of the most tragic and awful stories of the holocaust to add gravitas to your album.


My own summer (shove it)

Yeah the nu metal stuff sucks but theyve made some belters