It’s coming - the dark mornings and nights. The cold. The wet. The fog.
How’s your Seasonal Affective Disorder going?
I’ve actually accepted a new job where I will be in the London office Tuesday/Wednesday, after really struggling last winter working at home full time. Never felt so cold!


Fucking dreading it. Last winter felt like a neverending nightmare. Felt massively lonely. Had no motivation to do anything. Do these lights work? Any other tips?

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Fucking shit this week. Always have the dread this time of year though and it usually passes

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Not one of life’s room-readers are you Aggers


I refuse to get up before 8am to avoid this. Lunchtime walk helps too even if its pish out.


This dreadful summer has been a trial so I’m already part way there. I’ve got two weeks of overseas sun to look forward to in the coming months, the SAD will really kick in when I get off the plane on return.

Think it’s good to start taking the vitamin D early, I’m gonna start in October this year

Also making a list of winter hobbies and activities I wanna do


I do also fucking hate the short days, happy to have this deleted if this isn’t a thread for being silly in also


Thread should really be in serious matters.

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I genuinely think I have SAD for summer. So much prefer the weather now


I bought a massive powerful light for my home office last year and then forgot to put it up, need to get an electrician to come sort it before the clocks change, always feel better with the hospital lighting in my office than wfh

(Not me being glib or saying everyone else is wrong, just proper believe this)

Yeah I’m the same. I think cause of circumstances meaning that most of my life is being either at work or in my house, summer makes me more miserable cause there’s pressure to feel like you should be out doing something. Love a dark grey rainy day when my lifestyle feels a lot more justified!


Need to start taking the Vit D now, for sure.

Yeah I think the basis of Christmas being in winter and my birthday as a kid helped but I find it when its winter to be a lot more comforting in a way. Give me wrapping up in a duvet and getting toasty over sweating my muldoons off in a bedsheet any day

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Really notice the diminishing daylight working outdoors (kinda). The shift I worked on Monday I’d been on a couple of weeks back and it becomes very noticeable.

Plus the sudden change to wet and wind this week. And the leaves starting to fall. Urgh.

Oh, those few weeks in June where it’s light by 5am… Only 3 months to go and it’ll be getting lighter again!

I think I suffer with this, though I’ve not done anything about it. We’ve had a year now of living in a place which is basically tourist-central from May-September, and outside of those months a lot of places shut and there are less things to do. We knew this before moving here, but man, these long winters properly suck. Add to that a main hobby which is only really enjoyable for me when it happens outdoors in nice weather (cycling), and also an WFH job, well, let’s say I am not looking forward to winter at all. I’m trying to get into a good gym routine so at least I have something to leave the house for when there are 75mph winds out, like yesterday :upside_down_face:


Agree with the cycling element of this. Had it not been raining today I would of course been out on my bike but I’ve given up the masochistic side of me that would go out anyway as no thank you.


Yeah I have a bout of depression pretty much every summer, usually in August where it both too hot to do anything but I feel I have simultaneously “wasted” my summer