Safe as Milk Festival (21-23 April 2017, Prestatyn)

Real shame. Just spoke to my bank and they will be sending forms out for me to claim money back under Section 75. How did that go for those who claimed when ATP went under, should I expect my money back any time soon?

I’ve now got the weighty first world problem of a long weekend with leave booked, childcare sorted and nothing occurring. Would really like to fill it with some music. Anyone been to Roadburn?

or got any other cool music suggestions for 21st-23rd April? I was planning to travel to north Wales so pretty much anywhere this side of Berlin is convenient.

roadburn is sold out i thought? it will be fucking mint though if you can go.

I’ve done it twice - for Bloc and ATP. Got my money back within a couple of days.


Yeah, weekend tickets are sold out but there’s day tickets for Thursday and Sunday still available.

WITTR and Dalek vs. Oxbow and Sumac. Tough call, both would be pretty good though.

And after this too


Eurgh, credit card refund isn’t straightforward because it was booked over 4 months ago.

I wanted to believe, maaaaan. Had booked tickets and it was on my birthday weekend too!

Hoping for some spin-off shows as a result, particularly Brainbombs, but we’ll see…

I’ve been to Roadburn a couple of times, it’s an ace festival, but sells out sharpish and it’s a bugger to find accommendation in Tilburg. I stayed in the next city the last time i went.

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Hello. I’m writing an article for the Guardian on the cancellation of Safe As Milk. I’d really like to talk to some people who a) bought tickets, and b) were hesitant about buying tickets because of ATP’s track record, even though SAM was not an ATP event. If you’re up for answering a few Qs on email, drop me a line - laurasnapes at gmail. Thanks!

With the lack of sales do people think that there is actually a market for this type of festival any more? Although i appreciate the lack of big name headliners may have something to do with it, I think the time may have passed a little with the ATP style holiday camp, experimental electronic, indie, noise, alt, prog festivals. I could be wrong…probably just gotten a little weary of the ATP disasters.

There seems to be tons of events just to go to throughout the year that satiate the need to see the artists in my opinion. Whereas perhaps 10 years ago it was much rarer to see a lot of artists tour over here, it’s perhaps more prevalent now.

Although to be honest, the right type of event with the right names would probably draw anyone…

They had a very obscure line up, of which a lot of posters would not know once you go a line or two down the bill. The number of 2 person chalets seemed to be very limited as well and this is a problem that ATP had. Its very hard for a lot of people to fill 4,5,6,7 bed chalets.
The Shiine on weekender seems to be drawing larger crowds each winter and rockaway beach is also surviving so there is a market out there for these types of festival

what venues are those two at? wonder if bazza has poisoned the well as far as small indie chancers go.

Rockaway beach takes place at Butlins Bognor Regis and shiiine on takes place at minehead. Shiine on is 90’s and late 80’s indie.

Think even without the haunting spectre of ATP this would have struggled, very underground line up, inaccessible from London, aging fan base for this kind of stuff.

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wales is inaccessible from anywhere tbf


Honestly, I think ATP and the location are the biggest factors rather than the line up. There’s plenty of niche/underground things that keep going. My friend went to the Funtastic Dracular Carnival in Benidorm (!) last year (see below). Wouldn’t have seen any market for that, but it was their eleventh year straight.

Biggest issues for my friends were:

  1. Not wanting to go to mission to a shitty Prestatyn Pontins
  2. Worrying it would go bankrupt

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Think promoters should be up front ‘please buy your tickets with a credit card, just in case’.

Location wise, I wonder what an ideal solution would be. The residential aspect used to be a highlight, but do think the demographic is older now, higher standards, difficult to get large groups to commit to get a chalet full. I wonder whether there might be a non-term time uni campus that might be suited, make use of the dorms. Or just pick a really nice venue and do some kind of deal with local accommodation.

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I got a four person chalet on debit card, was going with strangers…hadn’t got all the money before it got cancelled so could be pretty fucking expensive. What are the chances of getting money back from the bank? How have other people fared with previous failures?

Anyway, am looking into camping in North Wales alone just in case…couldn’t justify losing the train fare if I have lost the ticket money as well.

Bangface still turns a profit every year as well, never quite sure who’s showing up to that year in year out.