Safe as Milk (this year's best festival) - who's going?

Perhaps the best festival line-up of any year actually.

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Wish I could go, but I can’t. It looks cracking!


We went for early bird tickets as soon as they were available… We liked the cut of their jib immediately. Really hope they do well on the old ticket sales. If it’s as good as it looks like it will be, it will be a very welcome annual excursion… So much too look forward to.

Deffo. Really excited!

Really wanted to head to this but got some gigs lined up on the nights it’s on (Horse Lords/Zs then Deafheaven the next evening YEEESSSSS)

Looks fucking 'mazing

This line up is incredible, and I’m always up for seeing The Residents
Sadly I’m already going to 3 festivals and cant justify the 4th :frowning: BUT next year, so I hope it does well.

I’ve heard of 2 of 42 of those artists.

Getting a distinct posh whiteboys with dreadlocks playing keyboards with spoons vibe.

Jesus. Did you copy and paste this comment straight from a Guardian comment section?

Looking forward to this fest a lot. Will make up for no ATPs anymore.

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Oh man this sucks for people who have booked travel, was a cracking line-up too.

Had my eyes on this but was definitely in a ‘wait and see what people say about the first one’ camp. Wonder if many other people were the same.

Here we go again!

Are we SURE Barry Hogan wasn’t involved?

Pretty much the end for this kind of event then isn’t it?


hahaha. ffs

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dang. wonder if there’ll be any ‘fall out’ shows

Really wanted this to do well

Just booked my flights.

Really looking forward to this!