Safety Advice Thread



What have you experienced/learned recently that could save (or prevent damage to) another DiSer’s life, livelihood, reputation, possessions etc?

General wisdom acquired over your lifetime also welcome.

Get a shower mat, kids!


I’m quite a mean spirited person so … nothing really?


has being mean spirited helped you to survive this long?


Holy shit. I got some “natural” “luxury confectionary” “carob” bar. Gluten free. From the health food shop and I think it might actually choke me. My god this is disgusting in ways I never thought possible. Note to self : don’t become intolerant to gluten.

There don’t do what I just did.

Happy now?


This isn’t about being happy, just safe.


This really doesn’t feel safe.


When we used to go to health food shop as kids, we would get Carob as a ‘treat’. Revolting stuff


would you say this is thread safe?

(this is one for all the coders out there to enjoy)


don’t try and run home from the station after eating a whole bag of bombay mix on the train

<img src="/uploads/drownedinsound/original/2X/4/40e5b5e0ae7b701f61a04cffb4c34f2ca3457557.jpg" width="690" height="388">


When you put thing in the oven, they are going to get hot so you shouldn’t touch them.