Sainsburys is the most overrated supermarket

Everything about it seems to suggest it thinks it’s a bit better than the others - like “sure we’re not 'trose, but we’re no 'scos either”. But actually, they are no better than your asdas, your tescos and your morrisons. In fact, they’re worse.

So up their own arses, sainsburys.


Hard agree.

Always thought it was going to be fancy and have all the ingredients you could ever imagine and more.

It’s so bad. Hate you sainsbos.

(But they do stock onion bagels online so i do shop with them sometimes and i resent it so much)


I don’t mind what the most overrated supermarket is


here’s some sainsburys items that are really bad compared to other low end and mid range supermarkets:

olives: absolutely miserable hard and dry little fuckers. co-op and morrisons both do hugely better versions.

chilled pizza: like eating a rivita

bread: like eating thin air. Lidl is bad for this too tbf but 'bos takes the piss.

own brand spices: good god, these are so SO bad. The Chinese 5 Spice is completely unusable and ruined a fair few of my meals before I realised it wasn’t my fault.


Used to be the kings though, up until around 2008.

No better than tescos nowadays innit.


this is reassuring, cos I used to think they were good. glad I wasn’t an idiot.

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that’s how they get you

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do you know what happened? on a corporate level?

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Pioneered stuff like Bavarian smoked cheese, was the best place for charcuterie and deli stuff too. We used to go shopping there as a treat on my parents pay days in fact. Also used to have the best storeside cafes in the business.

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Think this is vaguely true, but the differences between the supermarkets aren’t so big that I’ll travel further to a different brand - always just shop at the most convenient.


actually just think i’ve been overseas for so long that even the most poorly stocked Sainsburys local is extremely exotic and exciting for me


I kind of do, my grandad used to work for them unloading lorries. Something changed just as he was retiring in 2002, but I’ve never pressed him on it. I can press him if you like?


Never really had Sainsbury’s down as a highly rated supermarket but each visit to a Tesco Express is the low point of the day. They’re so depressing.

Annoys me no end that our local supermarket is a Sainsbury’s.

Looking forward to having an M+S food within walking distance when we move house.

oh I agree with this, but again, it’s part of the mirage that Sainsburys have pulled on us

Tesco express all smell of petrol and everything seems to be sticky.

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Not a supermarket, my friend.

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Yeah if it feels normal to bring it up when you see him that would be great


Happy to, mate.

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They’re sort of neither nor supermarket now. Not classy like your Waitrose and M&S, not cheap like your lidl, Aldi and the produce is a bit ‘meh’
Used to go every Friday night with my family from the age of about 5ish to do the big shop at Sainsbury’s so do quite like it for the nostalgia points.