Sainsburys "shop smarter" [plus banal]

Some things:

Don’t they already have this in Waitrose?

Didn’t Safeway do this back in the 1990s? Why like 20 years later are other supermarkets trying to follow suit?


robots are taking over

what is it?

I shop smarter

ohhhhh scan 'n go

It’s just like Safeway in 1995 with

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It’s not even 2pm and you’re wheeling out the banal thread. Things must be bad your end chief.

I might have to do switchboard this afternoon ffs. Fuck that.


I’m going for drinks in Brixton tonight. Got absolutely fuck all planned for the weekend for the first time in ages. Gonna bang a lot and cook some nice food I reckon.

Very happy with the early banal tbh.

Trying to decide which is better fresh air or flat full of cosy warm air from an electric heater.

Used to work on the Scan and Go till in Saferz. Regularly had to stop people trying to thieve bottles of whiskey.

Haven’t got out of bed yet

Got an electric heater on my desk while the boiler’s getting fixed at work. It is less than useless.

the big Tesco I go to for my weekly shop has this. never used it, cba.

Should probably use this at waitrose actually. Would love to bag up as I go.

Safeway certainly did do this back in the very early 90s.

My Mum and I used to commute up to NW London from Portsmouth on a Monday morning and back on a Friday evening back in 1992. On the drive back, we’d stop off at Safeway in Portsmouth, just off the A27, and do the weekly shop. It was a self-scanning thing. We’d been doing it for at least a year before that, probably longer. It was quite exciting back in the day, scanning your own shopping.

Tesco have been doing it for a good number of years too, but not as long as Safeway.

One hour left of my working week. How long does it take to switch on out of office replies?

For those of you who do use it, do you get that weird guilt whenever it tells you you don’t need to be checked, even though you haven’t stolen anything?

10 secs

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I’m banned from mare st sainsbos