Sainsburys "shop smarter" [plus banal]

What did you do?

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messing with the right wing papers wasn’t I
and I’ll do it again



Fucking hate that saino’s. Too narrow.

that was my excuse


Used to have storage heaters that came on at like half 3 in the morning and couldn’t work out how to change it so, just bought one to kick out heat as an when but does take a while to get the room heated. Heaters eh.

Yeah, off for some fresh air.

Tonight’s gig cancelled too, is anything gonna happen ever again?


The penoid thing that I couldn’t go to anyway tomorrow has been cancelled due to the weather.

My nan used to steal expensive meats using the safeway thing.

We’re watching Married At First Sight. Oh I love shit like this.


Oh it’s snowing again ffs

It was at my work the other day

Was it?!
Were they getting married there?



CBA, hour and half until pub :+1:

I had no plans for tonight, but now I have to re-plan a whole slate of hockey fixtures as tomorrow’s matches have been postponed due to the weather.


I’d say at least a third of our fixtures have had to be rearranged this season, it’s real pain

the fucking plumbing in this flat is causing me to seeth with impotent rage again, I’m going to go for a walk in the snow and forget about it

We had the week before Christmas and then this week (when we’ve lost the full 10/11 matches), but that’s been it so far this season.

We’ve been very lucky the past few years - I can only remember one or two other matches being lost to the weather since I took over three years ago.