Sainsda? Asdburys?

What do you make of the big news in the supermarket world?


I think that it’d be fun if they made all the Sainsbo’s locals into ASDA and all the big ASDAs into Sainsbo’s

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You know Sainsbury’s new permanent lower price promotion (on hundreds of products)? Well it started about three weeks ago and Goodies cereal bars went from being £2.50 a packet to £2.25. Still quite expensive but good. Then I went on Saturday and they were £2.75. What the fuck is that you absolute rings!

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I can’t see how this will be allowed through on competition rules, unless they are made to sell off loads of their stores, which will reduce the benefits of the merger in the first place.

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That’s the kind of fluctuation you could do without.

I was surprised to see the seemingly permanent reductions to the price of minced beef when I went in yesterday, I’ll keep cautious about it now though…

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Also in recent weeks I have had to buy books by both Julian Clary and David Walliams. This fucking life…

Didn’t know they were writing books together hahahahahahahaha.

In all seriousness though, those won’t be good books.


They are children’s books. The Clary ones have gone down very well.

Walliams is the new Roald Dahl and not in a nasty unpleasant way.

I can’t read that as it’s behind a paywall, unfortunately.

They want to fire Argoses into Asdas as well with this deal.

My local ASDA got loads shitter after the Wallmart takeover. The cheese section shrank, they stopped doing make-your-own pizzas and all the veg is now wrapped in plastic.

Hope this doesn’t ruin Sainsbos too.

Really? I was reading it ok. Nvm

I strongly believe that the mini versions of supermarkets should rotate their product selections very regularly and that the big versions should keep their product selections consistent. In real life the reverse is true. Maybe this merger could address that?

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Sometimes ft links work from twitter, but not elsewhere. Never mind, your link has made the thread seem more highbrow anyway.


Still not working. Wasn’t that good anyway

I went into an Asda supercentre the other day, the one near the Etihad, think it’s (or was) the country’s biggest supermarket. The amount of stuff in there was fucking incredible. There must have been fifty aisles, not including the George bit, electronics, the baccy counter, bakery, etc, etc. I’ve been to smaller towns. The staff in ASDA always seem a lot happier than the ones in other supermarkets.

On the other hand, 'bury’s easily do the best hummus selection,