Saint Etienne

Anyone else a fan? I think they’ve been pretty consistent over the years, and there’s a new album in June (plus some gigs):

Yes, a fan, and looking forward to the new album.


I like a lot of their songs, and I do mean a lot! But I’m not sure they’ve ever made a consistently good album. But that’s fine! Not all bands have to be album bands.

Mario’s Cafe FTW.

10cc never made a good album, but their best of is brilliant. These will be the same.

I think the first three albums are great. Fair point about not all bands need to be album bands though

They are great, but they also each have at least one moment that makes me go “hmm”.

Like that song that samples Rush’s Spirit of the Radio.

They’ve been so prolific that it hasn’t really mattered, IMO. Foxbase Alpha, So Tough, Tiger Bay and Good Humor are all extremely good without being classics and the huge amount of fanclub releases and extra compilations have kept me happy. A few too many greatest hits compilations but they are easy to ignore.

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I have a soft spot for Saint Etienne and I think the 2 new tracks are ace.

I know it is easy to hone in on the singles but i actually think they are a great albums band. The only album I never really got into was Tales From Turnpike House.

Always thought they are a great singles band - but never truly loved a whole album by them.

My top 5 would be:

Heart Failed (In the back of taxi)
Who Do You Think You Are
Join Our Club
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
I’ve Got Your Music