St Francis of Assisi for me, sounds very good to say.

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My Nan prays to this sham for me. Found out he’s responsible for the following:

  • The City of Osimo
  • aviation
  • astronauts
  • mental handicaps
  • examinations
  • students

Apparently praying to St. Anthony wasn’t enough so she had to recourse to a stronger saint.

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Went on a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of St Stanislaus Kostka a couple of years ago on my birthday. Walked about 30 km along back roads setting off by 3am to get there in time for Mass (still missed the first one lol). Saw a dove cloud on the way there when I was feeling super tired and dejected that DiS decided definitely want a sign (clearly was).

Photos of the sanctuary were taken on camera so lost for all eternity.

He is my confirmation saint.

I only find out after choosing that my great great grandfather was also named for St Stanislaus Kostka. He’s this guy (boo etc)

Here are some things I have


There is a prayer card of St Stanislaus Kostka and Aloysius Gonzaga, and medallions (?) Of St Stanislaus Kostka (celebrating 25 years of a church named for him in Uruguay in 1913) and the the Jesuit “boy saints” (not sure where or when it’s from). The book is a copy of The Imitation of Christ which belonged to my great great grandfather with his initials.


I also have a few books about saints. I’d like more but most of my favourite saints don’t have books about them published in English.

I guess they’ll need to reprint the St Oscar Romero ones now. I’m very glad for that.


I may have taken this thread too seriously. Please feel free to continue with humour.

St Helens rugby league team not really

Also when I got confirmed (at a church I had never been in named for another Jesuit saint), I walked in and the first thing I saw was a plaque dedicated to one of my great great grandfather’s brothers (I guess he helped fund the construction or something). It was a bit unsettling but also quite moving. How strange this world is.

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Ah no, it’s interesting reading.


St Andgreavsie

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regardless of what the original idea of the thread was, this was a really nice addition!


obviously the best saint and the goodest boy:




St Stephens Day is the 26th of December and he was stoned to death.

Joint with a high THC content?

That’s funny because ‘stoned’ can also mean high on drugs.

Oh does it?

All Saints that are of somewhere are better than ones that aren’t, perhaps its better to be the 2nd Saint of any name.

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That’s not a saint, that’s le god